12 Weeks to a Sexier Marriage!

Coaching for Couples

What would your marriage & sex life be like if:

  • There was more romance & passion?
  • Sex & connection was a higher priority, without neglecting your kids?
  • There was more spontaneity, adventure, and variety in your lovemaking?
  • You had more connection and togetherness as a couple?


What if you could experience positive results and create real momentum in your marriage in as short as 12 weeks?

You’re only 12 weeks away from better sex and romance!

A good coach is invested in your success. A good coach is a mentor that’s been there and can show you the path. A good coach not only gives you a fish but teaches you how to fish.

By mastering a few basic skills that anyone can learn, it’s surprising how much closer to each other you can become!

I’ve lived and taught these principles and know they will work for you too!

I’m Dan Purcell, co-founder of Get Your Marriage On! with my wife Emily of 18+ years, father of 6, and it’s an honor to meet you!

What Others Say:

This coaching program helped me at a critical time in my marriage. More than anything it helped me understand myself better. It shed light on the pitfalls in my behaviors and patterns that lead to disappointment or harbored anxieties.

Beyond being able to recognize those, the coaching provided resources and ways to overcome, to change, and to grow into something better. When I applied the things that were taught, I saw great positive growth not only in myself, but more importantly my relationship with my wife.

Beyond a “top ten moves” list, the coaching provided me with tools and skills to create lasting, meaningful, and exciting experiences that I can enjoy for the rest of my marriage.

Dan is a very knowledgeable teacher, and extremely approachable and generous with his time. He is invested in the success of his students, which is something I felt on a personal level each week.


Our sex life was stuck.

We had taken some marriage counseling and knocked down barriers that we had both erected with each other.

But I was still feeling a lack in the bedroom. I had downloaded the Intimately Us app and enjoyed going through it, when I got an invite to Dan’s coaching program. My wife was supportive of my participation so I jumped in.

She followed along. We appreciated what we were learning. The content was practical and very helpful. Our Zoom group was great – we could participate freely, and listen and learn in a safe setting.

I recommend it to any man wanting to step up sexually with his wife. Stage 3 sex is a worthy goal and this coaching program will help you achieve that. I learned so much. I just wish I had learned 20 years ago.


Why a Coaching Program?

You might be able to do it all on your own the hard way. It’s taken us a loooong time, with lots of trial and error. And lots of study. Just by way of illustration, here’s a portion of the books we’ve read *

* not photographed: hundreds of hours of audiobooks, podcasts, online resources, Kindle books, and hours spent 1:1 with our mentors and coaches

Or you can get positive momentum right away by joining our 12 Weeks To Great Sex coaching program for couples in a fraction of the time and effort.

Who Couples Coaching Is For:

Couples in otherwise happy marriages that may feel stuck when it comes to sex & intimacy

Those that appreciate Faith-based and God-honoring content & instruction, along with proven science and researched-backed information.

Individuals that wish to experience magnificent sexual and emotional connection with their spouse (aka HOTTER SEX!)

Couples who have been married for at least 2 years

People tired of having the same arguments and stalemates that wish to be more connected than divided

Individuals that like a fun, upbeat, and safe environment to talk about sex and marriage relationships!

Costs & What’s Included?

 The 12 week coaching program for you and your spouse includes:

  • Confidential weekly 90-minute group coaching meetings via Zoom
  • A detailed 80 page workbook per person
  • Weekly homework
  • 12 Weeks To Great Sex course (approx 8 hours of video instruction) that teaches you essential skills
  • Lifetime access to videos and class recordings
  • Get coaching on where you’re stuck and detailed plans to help you through it

In addition to the above, the following bonuses are included:

  • FREE: a 1:1 coaching session with Dan ($300 value)
  • FREE: 1 year of monthly check-ins & follow up ($1200 value)
  • FREE: 4 additional modules on eroticism, male sexuality, female sexuality, and sexual pleasure ($200 value)
  • FREE: Monthly workshops for 1 year ($240 value)

** limited to the first 12 couples

    Why This Will Work For You:

    I really enjoyed going through Dan’s program and getting to know the others in the group. It was great to connect with others going through similar things.

    I signed up for the course because I felt the lists of “who this course is for” described my situation perfectly.

    Dan covered a lot of very helpful material. This material would be helpful in a lot of stages of marriage – I just wish I would have discovered sooner. I really learned to focus on what I can control and build from there. I am excited about where my marriage and sex life will go from here.


    I was able to learn a great deal about myself and how my actions and inactions were impacting the way I view myself and my marriage.

    For anyone who is in a relationship and looking to invest in yourself and your relationship or has recently ended a long term relationship and wants to improve their future I would recommend attending the coaching group as you are able to do these things among the midst of others from the viewpoint of a faith-centric worldview. 


    Answers To Common Questions

    What if my spouse isn't interested?

    This coaching program is designed for couples, however, both spouses don’t need to participate at the same level. Let’s face it: there’s going to be a higher desier and lower desire spouse when it comes to this program!

    You’re welcome to sign up alone and hope your spouse joins in later on. Either way, you’ll learn a lot and experience results from your individual participation and effort.

    We're busy and might miss a few meetings.

    Not a problem. All sessions are recorded. You can watch the playback anytime. You have access to the recordings for life.

    We have young kids and this is hard to make time to do

    I hear you! We’ve been there ourselves (with 6 kids). We’ll do our best to accommodate. 

    Finding childcare during the sessions is ideal. You’re going to invest 12 weeks of your life to learn how to coach yourself.

    These 12 weeks will set the foundation for a lifetime of success in your marriage. It’s worth the investment!

    We don't have the money for this program.

    First Check out our payment plans on the Sign Up page (interest free).

    I’m glad you asked! I could quote statistics on how much divorce costs and things like that to scare you into joining this program, but that’s not my approach.

    Think instead how much you’d be willing to pay to have a better sex life. How much is it worth to be romanced and cherished?

    How much is it worth it to have the skills to be able to handle issues in your marriage going forward?


    I can't make Wednesday night at 7pm work.

    Others may be in the same boat. If there’s enough interest, I’ll consider opening up another group for another day of the week. Please email me at dan@getyourmarriageon.com, subject: Not Wednesday Couples Coaching 

    I'm embarrassed about sharing my issues in front of a group.

    This program is as anonymous as you’d like it to be. You can stay off camera, change your Zoom name, and ask that I use an alias. 

    I keep what you share strictly confidential, and those in the group are under the same moral obligation.

    You don’t need to share anything at all if you prefer.

    I'm not sure if your program can help me.

    Why not give it a try. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee!

    If you’re still on the fence, email me and we can set up a time to talk on the phone.

    What's your approach to this coaching program?

    My approach is to teach you how to coach yourself. I do this by using The Life School’s thought model.

    My goal is to teach you these vital skills:

    1. Help you learn to separate your thoughts from your emotions, and separate fact from your thoughts about those facts.

    2. Help you separate your emotions from your spouse’s emotions. Too often we get emotionally enmeshed without knowing we’re doing it!

    I also teach the Marriage Crucible / 4 Points of Balance model created by Dr. David Schnarch and popularized by Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife.

    The idea is that a good, strong marriage can handle two independent people. Stephen R Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People calls it healthy interdependence.

    What's the time commitment?

    Short answer: about 3 hours a week.

    Weekly coaching meetings are about 90 minutes long. 

    Each week’s video is 20 minutes to 1 hour long, although you can watch it at 1.5x speed if you want to speed it up 🙂 The homework for each session varries.

    Daily self-coaching work takes about 10-20 minutes.

    How is your coaching program different than therapy?

    In traditional therapy, you meet with your counsellor once a month or so. It’s hard to change old habits. It’s natural to freak out a little when you go to implement what your counsellor told you to do.

    But you still have a month’s wait until your next appointment, so it’s easy to slip back into your old habits.

    Here we’re meeting WEEKLY to help you implement new habits and get you unstuck. We’re very much results-oriened rather than understand-your-past-to-explain-the-present focused.

    Therapy definitely has its place. If you have serious mental health challenges, this program is not for you.

    Get Results in 12 Weeks

    In the 12 weeks we meet together, we’ll be coaching you on your specific needs as a couple. See how small and simple things can make big changes in your relationship!

    • Realize what habits and patterns are getting in the way of deeper intimacy
    • Get feedback on what you need in the moment
    • Weekly homework to know what you need to focus on
    • 100% confidential
    • Faith-based instruction, in line with Christian values

    What This Program is NOT:


    Unrealistic advice like Top 10 Lists To Get Your Spouse to Do ____ In Bed


    Not for individuals with serious mental health issues.


    A focus on The 5 Love Languages and other surface-level models that don’t address underlying relationship mechanics.


    A place to gripe about your spouse’s failings and shortcomings.


    An easy program. This is for serious couples that want to put in the work. Come prepared to be challenged and pushed to the next level!


    Focusing on sex techniques or lists of things to add novelty in bed. Rather, we focus on how to create a healthy relationship environment for two people to flourish and discover their own erotic play.


    BOOOORING. Get ready to laugh, have fun, and enjoy deep discussions about our God-given sexuality and improving intimacy in marriage!

    More Details

    The next cohort begins Summer 2022. We’ll do a kick-off orientation call a week before it begins.

    We’ll meet at 7pm Mountain Time every Wednesday via Zoom.

    The program is 12 weeks long.

    We have room for only a dozen couples to keep it close-knit.

    Every week prior to our meeting you’ll get a video introducing a topic + homework assignments. 

    We’ll meet  over Zoom for live meetings for group coaching. Our weekly meetings are a great way to apply the concepts taught in the accompanying course!


    Week 1: The Power Of Your Thoughts
    Week 2: Why Normal People Have Sex & Intimacy Problems
    Week 3: Happy Marriages Come From Happy People
    Week 4: Attachment, Autonomy, and Honesty
    Week 5: Creating Space For Two People In The Marriage
    Week 6: How Hierarchies Undermine Freedom
    Week 7: Tolerating Anxiety For Growth
    Week 8: Finding Deeper Meaning in Sex
    Week 9: Desire
    Week 10: Eroticism
    Week 11: The Joy Of Sex
    Week 12: Where To Go From Here

    About Dan & Emily

    Dan and Emily Purcell are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Aside from hosting the podcast by the same name, he’s authored five apps designed to strengthen marriages. He’s put on live events centered on intimacy in marriage, attended by over a thousand people. He’s a frequent guest on marriage and intimacy-related podcasts and blogs. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He and his wife Emily have been married for 18 years and have 6 children.