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Men can develop a deeper sexual capacity to last longer and love deeper through their sexuality. Men are also capable of having multiple orgasms during sex. This program is a series of mindfulness exercises designed to help you gain more control over your arousal so that you can enjoy deeper and more prolonged pleasure during sex.

Wives benefit also! Making love with a man that can last longer with greater sexual capacity is a turn on for most women.

In this 6 week course, you’ll learn:

  • How to last longer in bed
  • 8 exercises you can do to strengthen your body and mind for optimal sexual experiences
  • Learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Greater awareness of your arousal in lovemaking
  • How to use your sexual energy to turn on your wife

This 6 week program includes a weekly video plus a bonus video. This program also includes a detailed PDF guide.

Like other programs offered by Get Your Marriage On!, this program assumes the participant is married. There is no nudity or graphic demonstrations in any of the material.

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