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This workshop is all about creating a healthy relationship with your sexual side. It is perfect for individuals who:

  • Want to better understand what turns them on and why
  • Want a better connection and deeper intimacy with their spouse by understanding your own sexual desires
  • Want help and advice on how to share your sexual desires and fantasies with their spouse without feeling too awkward
  • Aren’t sure if what they like is OK or not.

Let’s be honest, making sense of our unique sexual interests can feel scary or weird sometimes 😆

Each of us has a unique palette of things that interest us sexually. This is also precisely why sharing our sexuality with someone else can feel scary and leave us vulnerable at times!

This workshop, taught from a Christian perspective, will help you see how your unique sexual interests and characteristics can strengthen your bond as a couple and be a pathway for greater connection.

Includes a detailed 9 page workbook.

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