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How to Have an Orgasm (& Better Orgasms) – May 2022 Workshop


Orgasms can truly be amazing!! Not only do they feel incredible, they have health benefits and lead to bonding with your spouse.

However, orgasms aren’t always easy to achieve, and they often do not come naturally to many people. Everyone can and should be able to achieve truly wonderful orgasms, and we are here to help!

This workshop will help you learn practical strategies you can implement right away to help you learn to have an orgasm, or make your current orgasms more mind blowing. Attend alone or with your spouse!

(Note: this workshop is primarily for women that struggle to have an orgasm. Of course, husbands are invited to attend too! We have a workshop about men's orgasm struggles coming up in August!)

Many women struggle to achieve orgasm in sex. It's something that's learned. But if you have a clitoris, you're definitely capable of amazing orgasms!

If you are someone who is struggling to achieve orgasm or feel as if your orgasms could be much better than they are now, this month's workshop is for you. Through research and a lot of trial and error, we have learned many ways to help ourselves and our spouses achieve orgasm.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why so many women struggle achieving orgasm
  • What thoughts and beliefs get in the way of pleasure, and what to do about it
  • What different types of orgasms there are (there are some that will probably surprise you!)
  • How to make your current orgasms better than they are now
  • How to orgasm alone and with your spouse
  • The role of orgasms in your sexuality
  • Health benefits of orgasms
  • Your questions around orgasms answered
  • And so much more!

There's no nudity or "demonstrations" in this Live Workshop, however, the worksheet will include a tasteful medical drawing of female anatomy for reference. This workshop is taught from a Christian perspective but those of all faiths are welcome!

This incudes a recording of the workshop that is 1 hr 26 min long and a detailed 15 page workbook.

After purchasing you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to watch the course.

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