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What Couples Are Saying

Gave Us Hope

“We really appreciated the coaching calls. It was so eye opening to hear and see that we are not the only ones. It also gave us hope that things could change and they did. The workshops were good. The regular Get your marriage in pod casts were good. We especially like the Blow Jobs Aren’t just for Him episode among others. 

Despite being married for 25 years, we feel like newbies and inexperienced. We loved all the new ideas and mindset changes we went through. We are now comfortable talking about sex together and feel like we can progress more.”

M & P

Answer to My Prayer

“We have enjoyed this subscription, along with the classes. You have taught us so much and we feel like we are a stronger couple now. You helped us get through a really tough point in our marriage and were an answer to my prayer.”

M & M


Intimacy has grown Exponentially

“Honestly, between marriage counseling up until about August, and our wonderful experience with the retreat, our marriage and the level of intimacy between us (of all kinds) has grown exponentially. Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of that process Dan.”
C & E

Joy & Jeremy’s Story

Joy and Jeremy got along really well in all areas of their 12 years of marriage except when it came to sex, their differences in preferences and desire caused frustration. Then they started the Next Level System and they have more hope and fulfillment in their marriage than ever.

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We're a Real Team Now

“We’re blown away by how much we’ve grown in this area of our relationship. It feels like we’re a real team now, are both committed to working at ourselves, and to having a great sexual relationship, for ourselves, for each other, and for us together, and it’s exciting to be on this journey together. Ware having lots of fun with our sex life. The holiday sex was amazing – we’re doing some more adventurous things in bed and finding pleasure in more ways. During our time apart we’re having lots of fun texting and sharing fantasies, and appreciating the anticipation that this separation brings.”

D & J


Cathy & Ken’s Story

Cathy and Ken have been married 40 years, most of those years with frustration around sex. They didn’t know where to turn to, so they signed up for the Get Your Marriage On Program a few months ago. Watch how coaching improved their marriage and found new passion. 

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Men's Group

“The men’s group coaching was amazing. I learned a lot about myself and how to have a more intimate (close) marriage.”

T & B


A Better Husband, Father & Leader

“The course has taught me a lot and I appreciate all your time and effort you have put into the course. It has been great to get to know you and truly grateful for the investment you have had in my life these past 12 weeks. I have received your input and put it into practice in my life. I appreciate your honesty and constructive criticism. I look forward to continuing to grow this year and becoming a better husband, father and leader. Thanks for everything.”

C & A

New Life into our Relationship

“We had a great follow up discussion after our session today.  Over the last month she has been open to [the things you coached us on]. I have seen such an amazing transition to openness and comfort with communication over the last few months that she is blowing me away (pun intended this time 🙂  I never would have imagined things could change this quickly! Thank you so much for your coaching and mentorship, it has breathed new life into our relationship on so many levels.”

M & T

Troy’s Story

Troy had been in therapy for a decade, but finally found hope and answers in a few weeks of coaching. 

Say goodbye to living like roommates. Say hello to a new chapter of passion, fun, and hot romance with your lover.

We Seemed to be Stuck

“It can be a very difficult step reaching out to someone about something so personal. I have struggled for a long time in marriage with our sex life and I wasn’t sure what to do or who to reach out to. We seem to be stuck on the same issues and conflicts. Then I came across Dan on the Get Your Marriage On app. Actually, it was mostly my husband who was listening to him and out of curiosity, I decided to listen in on some of the podcasts too. I could relate so much to what was being talked about! It was such a relief to know that I was not alone in how I was feeling and what I was experiencing in my married sex relationship. Then I heard he coaches couples as well. To hear Dan’s heart and experiences, to feel the passion he has for helping couples during the podcasts made me wonder… could he possibly help my marriage too? I knew if there was anyone to reach out to and try, it was Dan. We nervously scheduled our first session and it has been going so great ever since! He listens so well and offers such great insight and suggestions into what we can do. I started in such a defeated, hopeless state…and things have suddenly become hopeful again! It has been so good meeting together and having that neutral person help us to sort through things as a couple. He makes it so convenient, we schedule and meet regularly together online due to being in Canada. If you’re willing to put in the work together and push into those difficult places within yourself, it’s worth it for your marriage! You will not be disappointed and we both highly recommend Dan to anyone!

J & A

Changing Lives

“I’ll start by thanking you for the [Get Your Marriage On!] coaching program. It was amazing, well worth the investment, and is still paying off for me! You’re changing lives 🙂 “

A & R


Like Newly Weds

“I can’t thank you enough for you work and what it has don’t for our marriage. We still get asked now and then if we are newly weds and our oldest graduates this year from high school. 22 year and still going strong. Thanks for the new energy you have given us.”

D & J


Curiosity and Self Exploration

“Your retreat really set us off on a wonderful journey of curiosity and self exploration. Thank you for helping me get rid of so much shame I had around my sexuality and to finally accept myself as a healthy loving Human that God created. It was truly a blessing and I have recommended this work shop to many of my friends along with your podcast. I pray that God continues to bless your ministry and those involved.”

B & A


Sera & Darrin’s Story

Sera and Darrin had struggles in their marriage, like most of us do from time to time. They were sick of staying stuck in their patterns. Learn how coaching improved their marriage.

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