Do you want a stronger sexual relationship?

Say hello to your next level of closeness, confidence, intimacy, & passion.

Couple holding hands walking on the beach

Does this sound familiar?

I Want To Be Wanted

You’re sick and tired of fighting and playing mind games about your differing sex drives.

Routine Intimacy

You’ve had enough of being stuck in a rut, where intimacy feels routine, like an obligation, or sometimes even boring.

Attraction & Desire Issues

You’re tired of the unease of wondering if your spouse desires you or finds you attractive.

Stagnant Growth

You’re frustrated by the vanilla routine, lack of reciprocity, lack of passion, and stagnant growth in your relationship.

When will my partner initiate again?

Why do we get along about everything except intimacy?

Why is it hard to bring up my concerns?

Can we ever have that passion again that we once had?

Every “normal” couple struggles with sex & intimacy, but it definitely doesn’t have to stay that way.

Let me show you how to transform your marriage into more passion, fun, and hot romance with your lover.

What you need is our easy, step-by-step proven system.

You love your spouse, so don’t make intimacy in your marriage harder than it needs to be! Kiss your frustration, discontent, and anxiousness good-bye. Say hello to passion, freedom, abundance, and ease with your lover. 

Joy & Jeremy’s Story

After 12 years of marriage, Joy and Jeremy got along really well in all aspects of their relationship except when it came to sex and intimacy. The differences in preferences and desires brought up patterns of resentment and distancing. Then they started the Next Level System and they have more hope and fulfillment in their marriage than ever.

Introducing the
Get Your Marriage On! Program:

Your new intimacy BFF.

It’s time to take the intimidation out of intimacy, and go from conflict to connection!

What results you can expect from this program:

  • Deeper trust, security, and connection with your spouse.
  • More play, passion, desire, freedom, and fun.
  • Healing of resentments driving you two apart.
  • More freedom to express yourself and your desires with your spouse.
  • Increased romance and more fulfilling and pleasurable sexual experiences.
  • Expanded capability to work through conflict productively when faced with challenges.
  • A stronger marital bond, more laughter, fun, and play in the relationship.
  • Deeper cherishing and gratitude for each other.
  • Intimacy in the marriage as a source of replenishment.
  • Letting go of shame and finding a better understanding of your God-given sexuality.

The truth is… No one taught you how to build a passionate, sexy marriage. But anyone can do it!

And that’s what we help you accomplish through our proven, easy, step-by-step comprehensive program.

Emily Purcell
Dan Purcell Marriage Coach

Hi there, We’re Dan & Emily

We’re the founders of Get Your Marriage On! and creators of the program.

We’ve been there before. We’ve lived through just about every common sexual frustration in our marriage. We didn’t know where to turn to with our concerns about our intimate relationship that were in line with our values.

After our own marriage transformed, we couldn’t keep the things we were learning to ourselves.

We want to invest in your marriage. We look forward to being part of your success plan. As trained professional marriage & sex coaches, we’ve helped thousands of couples build passionate marriages.

We strongly believe that you don’t need to stay stuck in a rut, having the same conflicts over and over again. Having a passionate, intimate marriage is within your reach. Love is life’s sweetest gift; a gift available to you. 

This proven program is unlike anything else out there.

You and your spouse will grow your intimacy together by following these proven step by step milestones:

Our proven system makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, D, E.
Let us show you how:

 1, 2, 3

The 3 Stage Framework

Sexual development follows patterns in adult development. Learn the three stage framework and how to get from a 1 to a 2, and from a 2 to a 3.


Awareness & Accountability

(Summary) Until you see the patterns  in your marriage, you can’t change it.

To upgrade your marriage, you need to recognize the patterns that get you stuck. We guide you through a top-down and bottom-up approach to bringing more consciousness to your dynamic and specific steps on how to feel better right away.


Balanced Belonging

(Summary) Overcome resentment in your relationship for good. 

At the heart of every conflict in intimate relationships is the balance of attachment (belonging to your spouse) and autonomy (belonging to yourself). Learn skills to identify where you’re off balance and how to correct it, and how to resolve conflict productively.


Courageous Choosing

(Summary): Action is where it’s all at.

Action is sexy, but sometimes it doesn’t feel good in the moment. Couples often don’t need need more information, they need more courage. The most courageous act in a marriage is to fully choose your spouse.


Developing Desire

(Summary): Overcome desire differences for good.

In the early days of your relationship, desire came easy. Now that you’re past the honeymoon phase, you will learn your turn-ons (and turn-offs). You’ll master specific skills to keep cultivating desire for both women and men. 


Embracing Eroticism

(Summary) Fill your life with purpose, joy, and positive momentum

Eroticism, as defined in this program, is the feeling of aliveness and describes the life force. In this program you’ll learn how to breathe new life into your bedroom (and out), how to find more pleasure in sex, and how to have foreplay all day long.

We’ve Got You Covered

(…or uncovered?)
What you get with the program:

Next Level System

The Next Level System, which includes a research-based and faith-centered step-by-step method to help you deepen intimacy in marriage.

$9,400 value

Lifetime of Weekly Coaching

Weekly coaching opportunities to help you apply concepts and get traction and progress quickly, for life.

$25,000 value

Ask a Coach

We have a comprehensive Ask A Coach feature, offering you 24 / 7 written help from professionals.

$1,800 value

10 Module Course

Over 13 hours of video content, and two copies of both the 124-page companion guide and action planner.

$2,500 value

Sub Groups

Be part of a 55+, Men’s Only, or Women’s Only group and find support from your peers.

$5,400 value

Security & Confidentiality

Designed for confidentiality and security. Stay as anonymous as you’d like in this program.

Mobile App Access

Built for busy couples, the app makes it really easy to follow along and grow your marriage, even for busy people.

$1,200 value

Bonus Guides

Includes our popular guides and e-books, such as: 101 creative ways to initiate sex, Ultimate Guides to Pleasing Your Husband and Wife

$520 value

Library of Workshops

28+ in-depth workshops on topics such as overcoming sexual dysfunction, how to talk to kids about sex, overcoming pornography use, and more.

$560 value

Podcast Access

Private podcast access for everything, making it easy to listen to the program while on the go.

$99 value

"After Dark" Seminars

Our in-depth “After Dark” seminars add more spice and fun into your marriage, covering topics such as role-play, oral sex, and more.

$280 value

Courageous Couples

Although their names and identifying details have been changed, you get access to listen to dozens of recordings of coaching calls with other couples.

$360 value

Conversation Starters

Our conversation starter cheat sheet jump-starts relationship growth and aids in overcoming conflict fast.

$99 value

Both Partners Included

Two-for-one: your spouse gets a full access at account at no additional charge.

Access to More Apps

Automatically get upgraded to the premium version of Intimately Us and Just Between Us apps

$95 value

Fun & Sexy Date Nights

Over 20 fun & sexy at-home assignments designed to reignite passion, romance, and connection in and out of the bedroom.

$200 value

Total value: $47,513

Lifetime Access to Everything. Forever.  

Including weekly live coaching calls. Why?

A program proven to improve intimacy in marriage without a monthly subscription has these benefits:


  • Decreases pressure; you can go at your own pace.
  • Alliviates concerns about time, such as, “I only have three months to fix my relationship.”
  • If your spouse is reluctant, you can get a head start and begin seeing changes yourself.
  • A comprehensive resource for all of the seasons in your life.
Dan and Emily marriage coaches are relaxing at home

Meet Your Team of Professionals

Dan Purcell

Dan is a Professional Life Coach that specializes helping couples improve intimacy in their marriage. He is a Christian that’s passionate about sex and marriage. He’s the founder of Get Your Marriage On, podcast host with over one million downloads, and the creator of the popular Intimately Us and Just Between Us apps.

He’s married to his amazing wife Emily for over 20 years and they have 6 children. Dan likes to run, spend time with his family, and explore the beautiful outdoors near their St George home.


Amy Langford

Any has a bachelor’s in family science and is a Certified Life Coach that is passionate about helping couples move from stuck to thriving! Amy can help you to become more connected to yourself in an honest and kind relationship, so you can create connection with your spouse. Amy teaches relationship tools that take your marriage from disconnected to intimate. When you’re feeling stuck in your relationships, Amy can help you up level your relationships.

Amy and her husband Greg have been married for over 26 years, have four children and one son-in-law. They love to travel, ride horses, and laugh a lot at Greg’s jokes.


Tammy Camp

Tammy is a Certified Marriage and Intimacy Coach. She specializes in helping women overcome “Good Girl” syndrome as well as helping men gain skills in intimacy with their wives. She has a passion for bringing back the passion into relationships. Tammy loves helping others learn how to really see what a healthy, intimate relationship looks like as she continues to learn and grow in her own relationship. Tammy is ready to help you move into a place where you once felt stuck, to a place of newness and growth.

She and her husband Jake have been married for 23 years, have three children, and enjoy their hobby farm near the gorgeous mountains of Utah.

Get Your Marriage On!

More than just better sex (which is pretty awesome),
these tools you gain will help you build better relationships with everyone.

Find a package that works for you!

Lifetime Access

12 Payments of $166

Or a one time payment of $1,999

  • Full Next Level System, the proven step-by-step system
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls (lifetime access)
  • Two copies of the Next Level Workbook mailed to you (100+ pages) + bonuses
  • Guided 10 module course with 13+ hours of video content
  • Access to the Next Level mobile app
  • Men’s and Women’s only private discussion groups
  • Weekly inspirational email
  • Replay access to coaching calls
  • Private podcast
  • Conversation Starter cheat sheet
  • 30+ Sexy & Fun at-home assignments
  • 28+ 90-minute workshops covering topics such as how to have more pleasure in sex, how to talk to kids about sex, overcoming premature ejaculation, and more
  • Bonus: “After Dark” seminars
  • Bonus: 101 Creative Ways to Initiate Sex, Ultimate Guides to Pleasing Your Spouse
  • Bonus: Premium access to Intimately Us and Just Between Us apps

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Access

& 1-on-1 Coaching

12 Payments of $416

Or a one time payment of $4,999

  • Six months of private coaching sessions
  • Option to continue private coaching after six months at $500 / month
  • Full Next Level System, the proven step-by-step system
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls (lifetime access)
  • Two copies of the Next Level Workbook mailed to you (100+ pages) + bonuses
  • Guided 10 module course with 13+ hours of video content
  • Access to the Next Level mobile app
  • Men’s and Women’s only private discussion groups
  • Weekly inspirational email
  • Replay access to coaching calls
  • Private podcast
  • Conversation Starter cheat sheet
  • 30+ Sexy & Fun at-home assignments
  • 28+ 90-minute workshops covering topics such as how to have more pleasure in sex, how to talk to kids about sex, overcoming premature ejaculation, and more
  • Bonus: “After Dark” seminars
  • Bonus: 101 Creative Ways to Initiate Sex, Ultimate Guides to Pleasing Your Spouse
  • Bonus: Premium access to Intimately Us and Just Between Us apps

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pricing is per couple. When you sign up, your spouse gets an account for free.
Email us at for additional payment plans or options for religious leaders and counselors.

Cathy & Ken’s Story

Cathy and Ken struggled with differences in sexual desire and a low-intimacy marriage for nearly 40 years. Then they learned the tools in the Get Your Marriage On Program and feel like newlyweds again.

Dan and Emily hold hands
Dan and Emily embracing

The Get Your Marriage On Program is about so much more than just sex!

It’s also about…

  • Finding more purpose and zest for life.
  • Being a more capable lover.
  • Becoming more mindful and at peace with yourself and others.
  • Rediscovering yourself and being more confident in your own skin.
  • Understanding emotions and how to use them to connect you to your spouse and others.
  • Gaining a greater capacity to handle the challenges that come in life.
  • Creating a marriage that lasts a lifetime & beyond, blessing your children and grandchildren.

Ready to get un-stuck with intimacy in your marriage for good? 

It’s absolutely possible. Let’s do this together.

Frequently Asked


How long does it take before we will see results?

Most couples begin to see results within 4 – 6 weeks and fully realize changes within 90 days of following our process and program. By taking action with the simple step-by-step program, they learn to recognize old patterns that interfere with their goals and begin to establish better patterns that promote more honesty and openness in the marriage.

Couples that succeed are committed to a better relationship. They watch the modules, complete the fun & sexy at home assignments associated with the modules, following along in the program guide we mail you, and participating in coaching sessions regularly.

I want to better understand who you are before I sign up. What do you believe in, what do you stand for?

One of the best ways to get to know us is by checking out these free resources:

Get Your Marriage On Podcast by Dan Purcell discusses matters relating to building an intimate and sexy marriage with Christian values.

Our YouTube channel has many useful videos on the topics of sex, intimacy, and marriage.

Check out our Instagram account with quotes, reels, and other discussions about sex and marriage.

Our Facebook page also is an active place to learn about Get Your Marriage On and the material we teach.

We’ve written hundreds of articles on this website’s blog about sex, marriage, intimacy, and many other related topics.  

Who are my coaches when we sign up?

Unlike signing up for a course for you to consume (and forget about), our program is all about action and helping you apply principles anyone can master to build a stronger, more intimate marriage. We will guide you through this process.

The team consists of Dan & Emily Purcell, founders of Get Your Marriage On!; Amy & Greg Langford, certified life coaches, and Tammy Camp, certified marriage & intimacy coach. 

In addition, you have access to professionals such as mental health therapists, pelvic floor physical therapists, and other specialists through our network when you join the program.

Is there an ongoing monthly fee?

We believe this program is the last program you’ll ever need for strengthening intimacy in your marriage (see our Results page for proof). You get lifetime access to weekly coaching to help you apply principles to your situation, a comprehensive course, and an app to help you achieve your goals.

Private coaching is available for those interested in accelerating their growth even more.

What bonuses do I get when I sign up?

This program is for couples and individuals that want to up-level their marriage via our proven step-by-step method and access via the Next Level system.

  • We will mail you a welcome package with two copies of the guide, our action planner, and a few other goodies for the bedroom worth over $200.
  • You will also receive upgraded access to our other apps (Intimately Us and Just Between Us).
  • You also gain access to workshops and other bonus content.
  • Additional bonuses will be shared with you from time to time.

What is coaching like?

Coaching is getting real-time guidance and help in any aspect of your relationship. The goal of coaching is to help you sharpen your thinking and give you tools to help you make better life decisions.

Through our Next Level system, we offer four types of coaching meetings. You’re welcome to just attend and observe our group coaching meetings (don’t need to come on camera or mic if you’re not ready for it):

  • Open Group Coaching, where all Next Levelers (members) are invited to attend.
  • Men’s Only, Women’s Only, and 55+ Only meetings
  • Courageous Couples, anonymized private coaching where the couple’s identifying details are changed. These audio-only sessions are shared with other Next Level members via the private podcast.
  • Private coaching, for individuals and couples that want a private 1:1 or 2:1 experience.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

There’s a lot of overlap between marriage coaching and marriage therapy. Our professional coaches receive much of the same training as therapists. Our coaches use the same research-based theories and models as therapists do in our practice. Our professional coaches invest in the latest training available to help our couples thrive in our program.

Like therapists, our professional coaches are invested in your success as a couple and partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

Our professional coaches do not treat mental health concerns such as depression or severe emotional trauma. When appropriate, we will refer you to a specialist to treat those concerns.

Because coaches are not subject to restrictive state licensing requirements, our clients enjoy more flexibility. For example, our professional coaches can work with couples across state lines without license limitations. This also saves us dozens of hours of busywork each week from writing documentation for insurance billing purposes.

Traditionally, therapy focuses on healing what’s broken where coaching is focused on helping you win. Coaching emphasizes actions you can take to see the results you’re seeking. Coaches can be more personal by sharing their own experience through similar challenges.

What times of day or week do you offer coaching?

We vary our times of the week for coaching to make it easy for you to find a time that works for you. We have some meetings during the day and others at night. After you join, you can view the monthly calendar and sign up for all of the sessions you want to join.

What are the modules and what will I learn in the Next Level System of your program?

When you sign up, you will receive full access to the course that teaches you the step-by-step program for building an intimate marriage. Here are the ten modules in the course:

#1 – Taking 100% Responsibility and the Spiritual Work of Sexual Development
#2 – Three Stage Framework
#3 – The Challenges of Modern Sexual Relationships
#4 – Awareness and Accountability
#5 – Balanced Belonging
#6 – Courageous Choosing
#7 – Developing Desire
#8 – Anatomy of Arousal
#9 – Embracing Eroticism
#10 – Living Orgasmically

Each module contains reflection questions to help you apply what you learn. In addition to the ten modules, the program includes bonus material on a variety of topics related to sex and intimacy in marriage.

My spouse isn’t interested (yet). Should I wait to do it together or start by myself?

It’s common for one spouse to be more interested in improving the marriage relationship than the other. We believe intimate marriages are a system: when one spouse begins to change, it immediately affects the other spouse.

The program is designed so that you can start the program yourself and immediately begin applying the principles and receive the coaching you need to start seeing results. Your spouse can join when he or she is ready.

I want a stronger marriage. Why so much emphasis on sex?

Great question! We believe the way you interact sexually is an accurate map of how you interact intimately, and visa versa. We also believe that of all of the aspects of a marriage, the sexual aspect is one of the most challenging parts to get right. One you gain the skills to improve the sexual relationship, those skills transfer to the rest of the relationship.

The physical aspects of sex can also be healing and bonding to a marriage. The work required to develop as a couple sexually parallel the work needed to grow spiritually as well.

Will I learn how to do X, Y, or Z (sexual technique) in this program?

This program doesn’t emphasize particular techniques, such as how to perform oral sex better or step-by-step techniques for women to learn how to have multiple orgasms. Although mastering good techniques is an important part of being a good lover in bed, this program instead focuses on building a good foundation for intimacy and exploration.

We offer bonus material on how to master certain sexual techniques to complement the core program.

Will this help me overcome _____ (premature ejaculation, difficulty with orgasm, differences in sexual desire, unwanted pornography use, etc.)?

Yes, maybe! Many difficulties with sexual dysfunction, sexual frustration, or sexual habits have their root in the way people respond to interpersonal challenges. Our coaches are trained to help you in all of these areas.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, we have a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you find that the program doesn’t meet your expectations as outlined here, we’ll offer you a full refund.

I’m a very private person, and this is scary for me.

We’ve got you. Your privacy is very important to us, and the program is designed such that you can stay as anonymous and private as you want to be. You can also find comfort in the fact that almost all other couples and individuals in the program are private too and working through their challenges in becoming more intimate as a couple.

How do I sign up?

Click on this link to begin! 

I have more questions. How do I get in contact with you?

Feel free to email us at

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