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ever have one conversation totally
change your life?

That’s the start of our story.

A few years ago, a friend opened up to me about his sex life. He was telling me about how he and his wife started to put more effort into their sexual relationship and they’ve never been happier. 

You see, we had struggled with almost every common sexual issue other couples face:

Mismatched libidos / sexual desire differences

Duty / obligation sex

Limited sexual education

Inability to reach orgasm

Infertility & birth control

Pregnancy & caring for young children

Entrepreneur spouse

Homeschool spouse

Sexual dysfunction

Body image issues

I was blushing the whole time.

He wasn’t telling me this to brag or boast. He was sincere when he told me that he and his wife have never felt closer since working on their sexual relationship. He said that it seemed like everything else in their life went better because their sex life improved.

We realized that there was something important I was missing from our life and our marriage.

This was a faith journey for us.

We realized how much God wanted us to enjoy deeper sexual pleasure and connection in our marriage.

We both came from wonderful, loving families

But… when it came to sex and intimacy, there was little conversation beyond reproductive biology.

We started having open, honest, and vulnerable conversations with each other about what kind of intimate marriage we wanted to create. This lead to new discoveries and growth for both of us.

What We Believe

Learning to love well and be loved is the most important part of marriage.

Marriage is part of God's design to help us grow up and mature. He wants us to become the best version of ourselves.

Sex at it's very best is when it's intimate. Intimacy requires courage to be open to your spouse.

Connection and Pleasure for both people are the two ingredients that make good sex GREAT.

Sex just keeps getting better the longer you're married.

That conversation lead to other conversations! We experienced a transformation that led us to better love one another.

We realized for ourselves how important a great sex life can be and how much God wanted us to enjoy deeper pleasure and connection.


And So. Much. FUN!

But it’s not just about sex, because intimacy is the foundation of a strong marriage.

Being good lovers means learning how to be more honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and to do good to each other.  Being good lovers helps you endure the ups and downs of life.

We read a dozen marriage and intimacy books together over the next year. We found really helpful blogs and binge-listened to wonderful podcasts. In a short time we saw huge results in our own marriage!

All of the sudden Emily and I were connecting in a deeper and more profound way than we ever had. There was more ease and excitement between us.

We were flirting with each other more than ever. Our children could tell that we cherished and adored each other. Our communication improved, my work improved, and all of a sudden the grass was growing greener and the sky was bluer… Everything in life was so much better because our relationship had improved dramatically.

We started Get Your Marriage On! as a way to document and share what we are learning along our own journey.

We’re obsessed with helping you find joy in sex and building a stronger intimate connection!

Go Get Your Marriage On!

Let’s be friends and help each other out.

Reach out to us for questions, love and support. We all need that.

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