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It has been a struggle admitting and facing my hardships. I truly appreciate your inspiration, guidance, thoughtful and heartfelt approach, and the knowledge you have shared with my husband and I. Every coaching session has inspired me, built me, and helped me desire to be more true to myself and to my husband. I just am so very grateful.


It is so important to have conversations. Actually, the last women’s group really helped me put my feelings into words and talk to my husband about what I was feeling and what I felt I needed his help with. It was a really healthy, helpful conversation. Hearing you coach [another member] was really helpful for me to organize what I was feeling/thinkin too. Thank you! 


We don’t have other friends we can discuss intimacy with (it’d be so awkward), so it’s really refreshing to be a part of this group and learn from so many of you! And we love that it’s Christian-friendly discussions too.

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