Ever feel like you’re not sexy because you don’t look like Jessica Rabbit, or fit some sort of cultural ideal that someone else handed down to you? 

In this Sexpert Interview, I talk with Celeste Davis from Marriage Laboratory. She’s a super smart (and funny) marriage nerd that has put in the hard work herself and has a lot of wonderful things to share.

In this podcast we discuss topics such as:

  • The Love Language experiments she and her husband did, and what surprised her about each one
  • How to develop a healthy self image
  • How being authentic and drawing on your own natural gifts is really sexy!
  • How to discover your own version of “sexy” instead of comparing yourself to somebody else’s image
  • How to peel back the onion layers and work on yourself to be the very best version of you
  • How to keep your sex life alive and strong for the long haul

My favorite part of the interview is when Celeste describes what she teaches other women to find and own their own “sexyness.” She explains to take a look within you, and take whatever your natural gifts and talents are, and bring those into the bedroom. Who you naturally are is precisely why you’re sexy, and incorporate that into your lovemaking style. Are you naturally an organized person? Or energetic and bubbly? Goofy and hilarious? Creative? Musical? Or serious & focused? Incorporate whatever gifts you have to your advantage to make sexy time amazing!

Celeste finishes the interview with some awesome “black belt” intimacy tips to take your marriage and lovemaking to the next level.

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