We help couples significantly improve sex and intimacy in their marriage. 

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Welcome! If you landed on this website, you‘re probably married and looking for ways to keep sex passionate and exciting while also drawing closer to your spouse! Our mission is to help couples improve sex and intimacy in their marriage. We help you:

  • overcome your obstacles
  • spice things up (without the yuck)
  • gain new intimacy skills

so that you achieve your marriage goals.

We Transformed our Marriage & You Can Too

For many years, we struggled with just about every common concern – mismatched desire, infertility, sexual dysfunction, inability to orgasm, or find sex pleasurable.

Because the topic of sex is so taboo in our culture, we didn’t know where to turn to with our concerns about our intimate relationship that were in line with our values.

After 13 years of marriage we decided enough was enough and started to address our concerns. The transformation we experienced in our relationship was so profound that we knew we had to help others get their marriage on too!

A Proven, Step-by-Step Program Towards Deeper Intimacy

Our signature, step-by-step program guaranteed to transform your sex life and build deeper intimacy than ever. Hundreds of couples have benefited from this program!

Free Resources

New here? Here are our 3 top free resources!


Intimately Uss App

Intimately Us App

The fun and sexy app full of bedroom games and intimacy-building activities designed to bust bedroom boredom and bond couples. 



Spice Up Marriage

In this guide we offer you 101 Ways to spice up your marriage and sex life! 


Passion Masterclass

Overcoming obstacles to intimacy & significantly improving sex & connection in your marriage, in 90 days or less!

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“I can’t thank you enough for you work and what it has done for our marriage. We still get asked now and then if we are newly weds.”

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To Upgrade Intimacy

It’s challenging to build a long term relationship full of love, desire, and sexy fun.

It can be especially challenging for Christians in a world filled with mixed messages about sex, intimacy, and marriage that go contrary to traditional values. 

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