Don’t Let Your Sex Life Become Routine

Intimately us combines fun, connection, and education to help you and your spouse. 

Play, discover, dream and learn together!

Challenge & Grow

Get personalized daily intimacy challenges to help you grow closer together.

Bedroom Games

Choose from several games you can personalize to your favorite lovemaking style.

Play again and again, or make your own with the Play List function.

Personalize to Your Style

Sync with your souse. Discover what you like and enjoy together. Develop your own intimate bedroom language.

Discover New Things

The Sexploration List covers nearly 200 topics for you and your spouse to explore!

Browse our growing collection of date ideas to keep up the romance.

Resources From Sex Experts

or “sexperts” for short. Learn topics such as healthy sexuality, anatomy, technique, step-by-step how-tos, and much more! 

Capture Intimate Moments

Share an intimate bucket list. Reminisce about your best intimate moments together. Set reminders to help you improve your relationship (and your Kegel muscles too)!

Play Battlestrip

The classic game turned into a two-player stripping game! First to get naked loses… or both win?

Strengthen Emotional Intimacy

Intimately Us comes with hundreds of conversation prompts across multiple categories, each designed to draw you closer to your lover.

Sync With Your Spouse

An intimate adventure awaits! Download the Intimately Us app now and enjoy fireworks, closeness, and some erotic fun together!

Strengthen Emotional Intimacy

Intimately Us comes with hundreds of conversation prompts across multiple categories, each designed to draw you closer to your lover.

Make sure we show the love

“I love this app! My husband and I are such busy people, this helps us stop and make sure we show the love that we have for each other. I’d give 6 stars if I could!”

D & R

Plenty of Resources

“We really enjoy this app. It helps us to stay connected with small challenges and gives fun and intimacy for our date nights with games and plenty of resources. There is even an Intimacy Bucket List! Lots to discover together in this very complete couples app!”

G & L

#1 Sex App for Christian Couples

“This is by far the #1 sex app for Christian couples! My wife and I played the games like 5 times over the last week. Sparks are flying and we’ve never felt so close before. Thank you!”

C & L

Great Sex is part of a vibrant marriage & life.

What We Believe

The Best Sex is Within Marriage

Intimacy is More Than Just Sex

Sex Should Be Creative and Fun!

Sex Can Be Very Bonding & Unifying

Variety Adds Vitality

After 10 Years of Marriage

“My husband and I love this app. It has helped us with communication even after 10 years of marriage and thinking we knew everything about each other. It helps you ask the questions you don’t think to ask and bring back the flirty spark in the relationship.”

Get to Know Each Other Better

“I love this app! It has been such a fun experience for me and my husband to get to know each other better and being intentional every day with intimacy. I discovered the podcast Get Your Marriage On, and I am also in love with that. I learn something new in every episode! I definitely recommend this app for anyone in a committed relationship”

So Much More Connected and In-Sync

“Before getting this app, my wife and I listened to the “get your marriage on” podcast, and they recommended this app. We were already having a good amount of intimacy prior to the podcast and the app, but since we’ve listened and used the app, our love life has been so much more connected and in-sync with each other. I had low expectations for the app, but have since been very impressed! My wife also has been impressed and uses it just as much as I do! Its fun to see her fantasies and its spicy!”

Informative Articles

“As a Christian wife I really enjoy this app. I really like all of the informative articles. My favorite part is all the quizzes they have to do with your spouse.”

Use it All the Time

“Great app!! My wife and I use it all the time. It has been such a blessing to our marriage and a lot of fun, we have laughed so much with it”

Love is Stronger Than Ever

“My wife and I just got married after 6 years dating and with the help this app provides, our love is stronger then ever. We enjoy the little challenges it provides to show each other the love and support, we both know we will need to make this last, from each other.”

Re-establish Relationship

“Very helpful to re-establish relationship with my hubby. After 2 babies my sex drive is gone, and by default we lost our small romantic gestures as well. I love all the levels of work you can do. Even though it’s faith based, it’s not overtly heavy in it. It’s actually perfect bc I’m not religious, but my husband is.” 

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