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November 29 – Slow Sex. Learn how to connect with your spouse in a new way through our take on Tantric sex.

This is excellent for couples that have been married a while and are looking for a fresh approach to connecting sexually without a heavy focus on orgasm!

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You want a strong marriage, full of passion, excitement, and ease!

Unfortunately there’s a lot of pressure on marriages in today’s society, straining relationships, including yours.

You may be familiar with feelings of a lack of self confidence in navigating your own love relationship.

On top of trying to navigate your own emotions, you’re trying to figure out your spouse as well!

We developed workshops for you and your spouse to work through these emotions together and learn to understand each other better.

Why Live Workshops from Get Your Marriage On!?

1. Live workshops are a fun & interactive way to invest in growing your relationship in a distraction-free setting.

2. A safe place to address otherwise taboo topics in a supportive, healthy, and Christian-friendly environment.

3. The workshops are done over Zoom so that you can join from wherever you are.

4. A great way to get immediate answers to your questions and walk away with actionable advice.

5. Workshops from Get Your Marriage On! help you avoid needless pain and years of relationship stagnation.

6. Get the results you really want–less stress, a more meaningful sexual and emotional connection, and fun in your marriage!

About Dan & Emily

Dan and Emily Purcell are Christian marriage & intimacy coaches and are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Aside from hosting the podcast by the same name, they’ve authored five apps designed to strengthen marriages. They’ve put on live events centered on intimacy in marriage, attended by over a thousand people. Dan is a frequent guest on marriage and intimacy-related podcasts and blogs.

He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho. They’ve been married for 18 wonderful years and have 6 children.

More Details

How Do I Access The Workshop?

All workshops are done live over Zoom. After registering, you’ll receive the Zoom link and other meeting details.

How long does each workshop go for?

Each live workshop is approximately 1 hour long.

Do I need to be on camera?

No, only if you want to. We want you to feel comfortable participating in any way that’s best for you.

When are workshops offered?

Click on topic of interest in the Workshops list above to view details about when the live workshop will be offered.

Does my spouse need to attend with me?

Nope, you can participate in the workshop alone or with your spouse. Your call! You are welcome to share the recording of the workshop with your spouse.

What do I get with the workshop registration?

Each workshop comes with a handout + worksheet, live instruction where you can ask questions & receive coavhing, and lifetime access to the recording of the workshop.

I couldn't attend. Can I get a recording of the workshop?

Yes, even if you couldn’t attend the wokrshop live, you’ll still get a copy of the recording + worksheets.

How much does it cost?

Workshops are $19 per couple.

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