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Get Your Marriage On! provides a fun & interactive app, live events, and tools to improve communication, joy, and love in your most important & intimate relationship! Build on your foundation of friendship. Connect at a deeper level than ever. Put the spark and fun back into your marriage. Make intimacy and sex passionate.

What We Believe

  • Marriage can be one of the greatest sources of joy 
  • Improving your marriage should be fashionable! 
  • …and definitely NOT boring!

Apps to Strengthen Your Marriage

Get Your Marriage On develops marriage apps to take your relationship to the next level. They’re fun & interactive with gamesvideos, and updated content! These tools guide your intimate and essential communication. These apps will help make sex & intimacy awesome, manage & resolve your conflicts, and be better understood by your partner.

Putting Pleasure In Its Proper Place

Putting Pleasure In Its Proper Place

We all understand that pleasure is an important part of intimate sex. However, we often demote pleasure to second or third place in terms of importance when it comes to the bedroom. Imagine if you could learn how to let time with your spouse be pleasurable all the...

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Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women are supposed to have it all: an impressive, high-power career, tidy and polite children, a spotless home and a completely satisfied husband. Plus a fantastic sexual relationship! No issues or problems, always ready to give 100%.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?...

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