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Our Apps

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The sexy bedroom game app for married couples.

Intimately Us is the fun and sexy app for your marriage! It’s full of sexy bedroom games and intimacy-building activities designed to bust bedroom boredom and bring you two closer together.

Intimately Us is designed for couples that prefer something clean (not vulgar, crass, or  raunchy),  so you can spice it up without the yuck!

Secure, private, & flirty messaging app for couples

Just Between Us is a fun & flirty chat app for couples, where no one else can see your messages except the one person you’re synced with.

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Just 10 weeks to overcome pornography

This app is the only research supported approach for reducing unwanted pornography viewing. It has a comprehensive online self-directed mindfulness program that gets results!

The fun marriage counselling alternative

The Anatomy of Marriage app is created by real marriage counsellors. Draw closer together through science, therapy, and a collection of helpful tools!

Our Podcast

The fun & spicy podcast bringing you new tools and fresh ideas for your most intimate relationship so that you can be the sexiest couple you know! Strengthen your marriage and feel closer than ever. It’s Christian-friendly too!

Get Your Marriage On!

The podcast dedicated to improving intimacy in marriage.

Take Your Intimacy To The Next Level!

An affordable and effective coaching program for couples that want more closeness, deeper intimacy, and an exciting sex life.

Weekly Zoom meetings, in-depth workshops, private coaching, and private community.

2 Day Virtual Lovemaking Retreat

International Lovemaking Day, June 9 & 10 2023

Join from home, a hotel, or Airbnb!

Next Level Couples Retreat

March 21 – 24, 2024

Couples Retreat – 4 days, 3 nights

Learn how to improve intimacy in your marriage.

128: Overcoming Pornography for Good with Sara Brewer

128: Overcoming Pornography for Good with Sara Brewer

Sex Positive and Shame Free are two phrases that people usually don’t think about when it comes to overcoming pornography for good, but that’s just what our guest today, Sara Brewer, believes is one of the keys that help her clients overcome pornography use. Sara is a...

9 Sex Positions for Married Couples

9 Sex Positions for Married Couples

As a society, we tend to think of sex (especially married sex) in only one way: penetration in missionary position. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this set up, some couples find that just the missionary sex position isn’t able to give them everything...

How to Write a Love Letter

How to Write a Love Letter

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate”  - Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 The love letter is arguably the oldest and most romantic gesture of affection. We can find love letters at archeological sites that date back hundreds of...

7 Household Items to Spice up Your Marriage

7 Household Items to Spice up Your Marriage

My husband loves my family. Even when we were dating he fit right in with my siblings, would visit my aunts and uncles without me, and became “best bros” with my cousin after 15 minutes of knowing each other. We still joke that everyone in my family is trying to steal...

126: Sex Positions for Connection and Pleasure

126: Sex Positions for Connection and Pleasure

It's March Madness in the United States--the NCAA college basketball tournament. And a lot of people create brackets where they guess ahead of time which teams are gonna win and come out on top. In getting in the spirit of this tournament, we thought we'd have some...