Life After Pornography Coach

Just 10 Weeks to Overcoming Pornography

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The Solution

to struggles with Pornography 

This app is the only research supported approach for reducing unwanted pornography viewing. This app is a comprehensive online self-directed mindfulness program that gets results!

Join Your Flight Crew

I’m Dr. Cameron Staley, a clinical psychologist who has spent many years researching and helping others overcome their struggle with unwanted pornography viewing. I want to join your Flight Crew, help you get back in that Pilot’s chair, and guide you on your way to soaring beyond your struggle with unwanted pornography viewing and into your life!

your simple guide to freedom

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The Life After Pornography Coach App was designed as a simplified, easy to follow guide to help you overcome pornography use. This app includes:

  • A guided 10 week course on overcoming unwanted pornography use
  • Over 60 videos helping you understand why pornography is a part of your life and the steps you can take to overcome it
  • 200+ mindfulness practices to help you gain stronger self control
  • Flight Crew – a message board & support group with other LAP members
  • Journal to reflect and apply principles taught throughout the program
  • Tools to help guide you and make sense of various components of the LAP program


Take the 10 week challenge and see for yourself how you can enjoy the freedom of

life after pornography!


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We Will be Forever Grateful

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible program that you created to address pornography. My son has battled pornography for many many years and we were feeling so hopeless. A family member recommended LAP and we decided to go for it. My son and I have been doing LAP for the last several months and have Module 10 to go. He has really matured and we both have a much different perspective than we had before we knew about LAP. It has given us new hope for the future. Thank you thank you! We will be forever grateful. He has more direction and is ready to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for creating this program for those who have tried so so many things to ‘battle addiction to pornography addiction’.”

My Entire Mindset Shifted

“Your podcasts and course have been a Godsend for me. I, like so many others, had been through all the addiction approaches with no real success. When I first listened to one of your podcasts, my entire mindset shifted. I realized how I had been looking at this the wrong way — and that this was an emotional coping mechanism and not a sexual addiction. Literally, almost overnight, everything changed for me. Without even completing your course (I’m a few modules in), my approach, outlook, and confidence in a life after this habit completely changed. Basically my habit of viewing sexual images disappeared overnight — just with a healthier understanding of what was really happening, and that I wasn’t “broken for life.”

Nobody Should Have to Feel Hopeless

“It’s given me the courage to take a look at myself and my life and the MANY struggles I have been having in my life that it’s been easier to suppress these issues and feelings than address them. I’m just starting to address some of them but you gave me the courage to reflect and reach out for help.”

“Thank you for this program. It is making a world of difference for me!”

“As someone who has plowed through many “shovels” in my attempts to thwart pornography, I know full-well how much I appreciate this program. Nobody should have to feel hopeless simply because they don’t know where to turn.”

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