Go from “blah” intimacy to

An Exciting Marriage & Sex Life

I help Christian couples transform their marriages.

Imagine how amazing it will feel

To finally move past the issues keeping you stuck.

I help with

Desire Gridlock Issues

Not Feeling Desired

Inability to Reach Orgasm

Getting Stuck in Your Head

Pornography Struggles

Finding Greater Closeness

Avoiding Power Struggles

Sexual Desire Differences

Finding Fun & Excitement in Sex

Stop living beneath your privileges.
Your marriage is capable of so much more joy and passion!

What People Are Saying

This coaching program helped me at a critical time in my marriage. More than anything it helped me understand myself better. It shed light on the pitfalls in my behaviors and patterns that lead to disappointment or harbored anxieties.

Beyond being able to recognize those, the coaching provided resources and ways to overcome, to change, and to grow into something better. When I applied the things that were taught, I saw great positive growth not only in myself, but more importantly my relationship with my wife.

Dan is a very knowledgeable teacher, and extremely approachable and generous with his time. He is invested in the success of his students, which is something I felt on a personal level each week.


Our sex life was stuck.

We had taken some marriage counseling and knocked down barriers that we had both erected with each other.

But I was still feeling a lack in the bedroom. I had downloaded the Intimately Us app and enjoyed going through it, when I got an invite to Dan’s coaching program. My wife was supportive of my participation so I jumped in.

She followed along. We appreciated what we were learning. The content was practical and very helpful.  We could participate freely, and listen and learn in a safe setting.

I learned so much. I just wish I had learned 20 years ago.


Coaching vs Therapy

Result oriented

Action focused

Personalized and positive

Provides clarity


What’s coaching like?

Completely confidential, focused & results oriented.

Coaching is held over zoom for one hour sessions, usually weekly. Every session is 100% confidential. Work together as a couple, or attend alone. An individual has the power to make big changes in a marriage! As your coach, I will push and stretch you a little bit beyond your comfort zone, because growth is on the other side. 

A Bit About Me

 Creator of “Get Your Marriage On!” System

Podcast Host

Married 20 Years & Father of Six

Life Coach

Helping couples with improving intimacy since 2017

Active Christian

I help couples find solutions.

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