Men’s Intimacy & Desire Coaching Program

Are you in an otherwise happy relationship but wish things were better when it came to intimacy? Do you crave to be desired by your spouse? Do you wish the quality of the sexual connection and pleasure was better in your marriage?

I have good news for you. Improving intimacy in your relationship is an inside job. And the better news is you can be the catalyst to enjoying a deeply satisfying relationship, whether or not your wife is on board at first!



Unfortunately our culture expects men to intuitively know all the answers to sex and relationships, but anyone that’s been married for more than a day knows that there’s a lot more to building a satisfying intimate relationship than just showing up naked in bed!

In addition, very few talk about the nuts and bolts of how to love our wives through our God-given sexuality. It’s also hard to find a group of guys that are willing to open up to share success stories and support each other in our journey to becoming better lovers & husbands.

I want to empower men in their personal lives & relationships to help them get their intimate relationships to the next level. I’ve lived this program for years now and know it works. Other men have done it as well and I know it works!


This coaching program helped me at a critical time in my marriage. More than anything it helped me understand myself better. It shed light on the pitfalls in my behaviors and patterns that lead to disappointment or harbored anxieties.

Beyond being able to recognize those, the coaching provided resources and ways to overcome, to change, and to grow into something better. When I applied the things that were taught, I saw great positive growth not only in myself, but more importantly my relationship with my wife.

Beyond a “top ten moves” list, the coaching provided me with tools and skills to create lasting, meaningful, and exciting experiences that I can enjoy for the rest of my marriage. Dan is a very knowledgeable teacher, and extremely approachable and generous with his time. He is invested in the success of his students, which is something I felt on a personal level each week.


I really enjoyed going through Dan’s course and getting to know the other guy’s in the group. It was great to connect with others going through similar things. I signed up for the course because I felt the lists of “who this course is for” described my situation perfectly. Dan covered a lot of very helpful material. This material would be helpful in a lot of stages of marriage – I just wish I would have discovered sooner. I really learned to focus on what I can control and build from there. I am excited about where my marriage and sex life will go from here.


Our sex life was stuck. We had taken some marriage counseling and knocked down barriers that we had both erected with each other.
But I was still feeling a lack in the bedroom. I had downloaded the Intimately Us app and enjoyed going through it, when I got an invite to Dan’s Loving Her Sexually coaching program. My wife was supportive of my participation so I jumped in.
She followed along in the background and appreciated what I was learning. The content was practical and very helpful. Our Zoom group was great – we could participate freely, and listen and learn in a safe setting.
I recommend it to any man wanting to step up sexually with his wife. Stage 3 sex is a worthy goal and this coaching program will help you achieve that. I learned so much. I just wish I had learned 20 years ago.”

I was able to learn a great deal about myself and how my actions and inactions were impacting the way I view myself and my marriage. For anyone who is in a relationship and looking to invest in yourself and your relationship or has recently ended a long term relationship and wants to improve their future I would recommend attending the coaching group as you are able to do these things among the midst of other men from the viewpoint of a faith centric worldview. 


What’s Included?

  • Approx. 8 hours of course videos
  • Weekly 60-90 minute group coaching via Zoom
  • A 60 page workbook
  • A 1:1 private coaching session with Dan
  • Private message group to keep in touch during and after the coaching program
  • Lifetime access to videos and coaching session recordings

Who This Coaching Program Is For:

People in otherwise happy marriages but feel stuck when it comes to sex & intimacy

Faith-based and God-honoring content & instruction

Husbands that are tired of begging for sex and settling for crumbs

Husbands that want to give their wives more sexual pleasure and connection

Men that want to be strong, attractive, and desired by their wives

Individuals that like a fun, upbeat, and safe environment to talk about sex, and marriage relationships!

What This Program is NOT:


Unrealistic advice like “If you do more household chores she’ll be turned on and she’ll want to have more sex with you.”


A focus on The 5 Love Languages and other feel-good-but-not-backed-by-science methods.


A place to gripe about your spouse’s failings and shortcomings.


An easy program. If anything, come prepared to be challenged and pushed to the next level!


BOOOORING. Get ready to laugh, have fun, and enjoy deep discussions about male sexuality and improving intimacy in marriage!

Investment: when you get back more than you put in.

What will you get out of this coaching program?

A deeper understanding of how intimacy and desire work in your relationship.

A deeper sense of connection and pleasure with your wife.

More erotic and playful energy.

Specific skills on how to love your wife through your God-given sexuality

Camaraderie with other men in similar marriage situations.

What’s Group Coaching?

This is the absolute best part of the program and where the value is!  We’ll meet live on Zoom once a week for 60 – 90 minutes. 

Coaching helps you stay accountable.

Coaching is where you can get specific answers to your questions. Coaching helps you see your blind spots and where your thinking can be improved. Coaching can be life-changing for you and your marriage!

Skills You’ll Learn


How to recognize patterns in your relationship that hurt intimacy and desire


How to monitor your thoughts and thinking patterns, and how to take charge of the results you get in life


How to become more attractive to your wife so that she desires you more


How to create lasting habits for physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual strength


How to overcome traps that interfere with intimacy


How to create more fun, light-hearted, and playful energy in your relationship


How to self-soothe when things don’t go well


How to handle rejection without taking it personally


How to recognize ways you put negative pressure that diminish your spouse’s desire for sex


How to create positive pressure for sexual growth in the marriage


How to advocate for what you want


How to bless your wife and life through your sexuality


How to have multiple male orgasms and increase your pleasure during sex


How to give your wife incredible pleasure through sex


How to cultivate more erotic energy in your life


The next cohort begins June 2022.

We’ll meet at 7pm Mountain Time every Wednesday.

The program is 10 weeks long.

We have room for only 12 seats to keep it close-knit.

Every week prior to our meeting you’ll get a video introducing a topic + homework assignments.

We’ll meet  over Zoom for live meetings for group coaching. Our weekly meetings are a great way to apply the concepts taught in the coaching program!

Topics & Schedule

Orientation Week: Welcome & Intro
Session #1
(Affirming Male Sexuality)
Session #2 (Weak vs Strong Men)
Session #3 (Honest Living & Getting Attractive)
Session #4 (Control, Manipulation, & Self-confrontation)
Session #5 (Getting to “Yes” Easier)
Session #6 (Ending Destructive Cycles)
Session #7 (Our Amazing Bodies & Sexual Potential)
Session #8 (Cultivating Eroticism)
Session #9 (Sexual Prowess)
Session #10 (Stage 3 Sex)



Payment options available.

More Testimonials

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started this coaching program with Dan and Get Your Marriage On.  I was a little hesitant about being willing to open up and share personal information, but I found a safe place to be vulnerable with a group of guys that provided support and encouragement on this journey.  The information and tips that Dan shared were top notch with practical applications.”


“I went through this coaching program and think it is great.  Tons of material to digest, and a very different spin on than most other things I’ve read, listened to, or taken part in. Very positive. The focus right off the bat is taking responsibility for your impact on your relationship and focusing on what you can control (yourself). Also very interesting to zoom weekly with Dan and a group of men from all over the country.  All signed up for the course because they were on board with the goals, and so strangers quickly opened up and became friends.


I highly recommend taking Dan’s Male Sexuality coaching program. I have been on a journey the last two and a half years trying to better understand my own sexuality. Many of the things I have learned over the past two and and half years were taught in his coaching program in just a few months. Through the material taught you can become stronger in your self development, relationship development and  truly learn to love through your sexuality.


“I loved this program! Along with connecting with other men regarding sexuality and learning that my concerns are far from unique, working with Dan helped me to realize that my libido is not something to be ashamed of or frustrated with. I’ve learned that my strong sexuality desire can be directed to strengthen my marriage. “


About Dan

Dan Purcell and his wife are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Aside from hosting the podcast by the same name, he’s authored five apps designed to strengthen marriages. He’s put on live events centered on intimacy in marriage, attended by over a thousand people. He’s a frequent guest on marriage and intimacy-related podcasts and blogs. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho. He and his wife Emily have been married for 18 years and have 6 children.