21 COVID Friendly Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

With Valentine’s Day inching closer on the calendar, so many of us are starting to sweat on making this day romantic during the times of COVID. Planning a romantic date night (or day!) may take a little more effort and planning, but you can still make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for you and your Valentine, even while social distancing! We’ve compiled a list of fun Date Night ideas to get you and your spouse out of the house. So hire a babysitter, dress up and get ready to enjoy a romantic night with just the two of you. 

#1 – Dinner Reservations 

Do you and your spouse have a favorite date night spot? Or is there a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? Valentine’s is a great night to make those reservations and enjoy a meal that isn’t homemade. Due to COVID restrictions, many restaurants are taking fewer reservations, so make sure to reserve your spot early!

#2 – Drive-in Movie 

Drive-In movie theatres have been popping up all over the place since COVID restrictions closed movie theatres. This is a fun date night idea and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget your favorite snacks!

#3 – Couples Massage

Your fitness routine, job, kids and extracurriculars can cause a lot of stress in our muscles. A couples massage is a fun, relaxing and romantic experience that will leave you both relaxed and feeling your best. 

#4 – Take a Cooking Class

A cooking class is a fun experience for you and your spouse and it can also teach you a fun new recipe to make! It’s a win-win!

#5 – Ice Skating

If you’re not very coordinated, then ice-skating is a great excuse to just hang on to your spouse. 

#6 – Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are unique date night spots and many sell delicious desserts and drinks now! Some are even open at night and decorated for the season. 

#7 – Progressive Dinner

For each course of your dinner, choose a different spot. Maybe go somewhere for pre-dinner drinks, somewhere else for the appetizer, another restaurant for dinner and a final restaurant for dessert. 

#8 – Plan a Picnic in the Park

Pack dinner or grab take-out and head to your favorite park for a romantic dinner with just the two of you!

#9 – Take a Hike

This is the perfect day date for those of you that love to stay active. If you’re not sure where to hike, download the “All Trails” app to find hiking trails near you. 

#10 – Boat Tour

If your city offers boat tours, these can be fun and romantic! 

#11 – Take a Dance Class

A dance class can be fun and romantic or even funny if you’re not very coordinated, like myself. 

#12 – Sip & Paint

Many art studios are offering sip & paint classes, but make sure you register to reserve your spot first! 

#13 – Visit a Zoo

The zoo isn’t just for kids! 

#14 – Axe-Throwing

This sport, if you will, has become extremely popular lately! Get your muscles ready because it’s tough, but fun!

#15 – Go Golfing

The golf range is a great place to socially distance and spend time with your special Valentine. 

#16 – Rent Bikes & Explore

Rent bikes and explore the downtown area of your city or head to a bike trail. 

#17 – Partner Yoga 

You’ll get to test out how flexible you both are and will leave feeling centered. 

#18 – Star Gaze

Find somewhere away from the city lights where you can point out the stars and talk with your spouse. 

#19 – Brewery or Wine Tasting 

Many of these take place outside now or require reservations to socially distance. 

#20 – Rent a Luxury Sports Car & Go For A Drive

Bonus points if you make it home without acquiring a speeding ticket. 

#21 – Sunset Picnic

Grab a blanket, your favorite desserts and head to your favorite park or beach for a romantic sunset with your Valentine.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, the most important part is WHO you celebrate it with. After your romantic date night out, keep the fire alive at home and in the bedroom with our app, Intimately Us! 

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse? Check out our list of Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts that your spouse will absolutely love! And if you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day, make sure to check out our blog post on At-Home Valentine’s Dates!

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