71: How To Talk To Your Spouse About Sex with Amanda Ammons

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Podcast

Talking about sex with your spouse is not easy for most of us. Whether it’s about preferences, desire level differences, pornography use, physical difficulties, or a number of issues, many of us find it easier to just resent our spouse rather than see the situation honestly as it is and take responsibility for our role in the matter.

I enjoyed this interview with Amanda Ammons. You’ll get to hear us discuss practical and helpful strategies on how to discuss sexual issues with your spouse and how to design the kind of sex life you want for yourself and for your marriage.

You can learn more about Amanda Ammons and her work by clicking here.

<h3>Dan Purcell</h3>

Dan Purcell

Dan and his wife Emily Purcell are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Their marriage went through a bit of a renaissance a few years ago and wanted to share what they learned with other couples. They created a fun & sexy bedroom game app called Intimately Us that has been downloaded over 300,000. They put on events and retreats for couples.Dan is the host of the Get Your Marriage On! podcast. Dan is a Life Coach that coaches other couples and individuals on how to have a great marriage, deeper intimacy, and fulfilling sex life.Dan and Emily have been married for over 18 years and have 6 kids. Dan loves cracking dad jokes, running marathons, planning the next creative date night with his sweetheart, and enjoys the magnificent outdoors around their St George home.

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