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Most western approaches to sex are about intensity of the sexual experience, maximizing pleasure, and orgasm. We often think in terms of, “how can I orgasm faster?” or “how can I make this feel even more pleasurable?” 

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn how to orgasm faster, have more pleasure, or increased intensity, The Eastern approach is more about “how can I connect with myself and my spouse at a deeper level through sex?” 

While the Western approach may approach sex like a science, the Eastern approaches it like an art form. While the Western approach is focused on getting to the destination, the Eastern approach is about slowing down enough to enjoy the journey.

Many couples benefit from a different mindset and approach to sex. Think of Tantra like mindfulness & meditation meets sexual connection & pleasure.

In this workshop you’ll come away with a new approach to enjoying sex!

  • Detailed step-by-step how-tos on tantric sex
  • How to be mindful of and awake to all the beautiful sexual sensations, and make sex more about connection with your spouse than reaching orgasm alone.
  • How to talk to your spouse about wanting to slow things down & try tantric sex
  • How to last longer, including what sex positions work well for Tantra
  • Tantric sex exercises you can do with your spouse
  • How to find deeper connection & meaning through sex

Contains a 78 minute video and a detailed workbook.

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