Just Between Us

Intimate Chat for Couples


Just Between Us is a fun & flirty chat app for couples, where no one else can see your messages except the one person you’re synced with.

We’ve Been There Before.

…thinking that we were sending our spouse a sexy text only to have our 9 year old reply! OR even worse, sending a flirty personal text to THE WRONG PERSON!!

Not Your Ordinary Messaging App

Keep your connection (and flirting) alive when you’re apart.

  • All messages are double encrypted
  • Send text & images
  • Password protect the app so only you see the messages
  • Insert pre-made cute, romantic, and sexy messages
  • Lost for words? includes 100s of conversation topics.
  • Fun & flirty

So send that tantilizing text and share that flashy photo ? 

A Fun Chat App With Benefits

With Just Between Us, you’ll enjoy more fun, flirting, and deeper connection in your relationship. You’ll have the peace of mind that your messages are seen by the only one person intended to see them — the person you’re synced with.

How The App Security Works:

We are often asked how secure this app is. Below is a nerdy explanation of how the software is designed to keep your messages safe.
The Just Between Us uses public & private key RSA encryption. This is the same public key encryption used by banks, SSL/HTTPS on websites, and other places where security is essential.
When the app is first launched, it checks to see if a private key has been generated. If not, the app generates a private key. The private key stays on the phone — it’s not uploaded to any server. However the public key is saved with your profile on the server and is exchanged with your spouse when you sync. If you delete the app without backing up your key, you won’t be able to decrypt your past messages any more.
An encrypted copy of the message is stored on the server so that messages can be shared and retrieved when one person is offline, but the private keys are not stored with the message. Nothing un-encrypted is ever transmitted off the device.
Larger messages (say, large images and videos) are chunked into smaller pieces, encrypted, and stored on the server as blobs. Upon retrieval, the chunks are retrieved, decypted, and stitched back together.
For authentication we hash passwords and all server communication is done over TLS / HTTPS.

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