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Do you feel called to help others overcome obstacles and experience more joy in their marriages?


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Specifically for Marriage Coaches

This groundbreaking certification program stands alone in its singular focus: to empower and equip you with the indispensable skills and insights needed to excel as an intimacy coach, dedicated exclusively to guiding couples towards profound connection, trust, and lasting fulfillment in their relationships.

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Who the program is for

Are you passionate about helping couples strengthen their relationships and deepen their intimacy?

Our coaching program is designed for individuals who aspire to become marriage and intimacy coaches. Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to refine your skills or someone interested in embarking on a new journey in coaching, this program is tailored to individuals who are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

“I’ll start by thanking you for the coaching program. It was amazing, well worth the investment, and is still paying off for me! You’re changing lives”

Let’s help people together. 

Why become an

Intimacy Coach

Becoming a marriage coach isn’t just about helping others; it’s also about personal growth and development. Here are compelling reasons to consider joining our coaching program:


  • Continuous Learning: Engage in a transformative journey where you’ll not only enhance your coaching abilities but also gain valuable insights into your own relationships and personal growth.
  • Fulfillment in Helping Others: There’s immense satisfaction in guiding couples towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships. As a marriage coach, you’ll play a vital role in facilitating positive change in the lives of others.
  • Addressing a Gap in the Market: While there are coaching programs available, our focus on intimacy in marriage fills a niche that is often overlooked. By specializing in this area, you’ll be equipped to meet the specific needs of couples seeking support in their relationships.
  • Potential for Growth and Income: As the demand for coaching continues to rise, there’s ample opportunity to establish yourself in this field. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or pursue coaching as a full-time career, our program provides the tools and resources to help you succeed.

Meet Your Instructors

Dan Purcell Marriage Coach

Dan Purcell

A seasoned Professional Life Coach and visionary behind Get Your Marriage On, integrates his Christian faith and passion for marital intimacy to revolutionize relationships.

Dan Purcell Marriage Coach

Amy Langford

Armed with a bachelor’s in family science and a coveted Life Coaching certification, Amy Langford empowers couples to transcend stagnation and cultivate profound intimacy through self-awareness and genuine connection.

Dan Purcell Marriage Coach

Tammy Camp

Certified Marriage and Intimacy Coach Tammy Camp ignites passion and fosters deep connections, liberating individuals from “Good Girl” syndrome and guiding couples to transformative growth.

The Program at a Glance

Our coaching program

  • 9-month duration, allowing for in-depth exploration and practice.
  • Weekly 90-minute sessions covering essential topics such as communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, and more.
  • Interactive learning environment with opportunities for group discussions, role-playing exercises, and real-world case studies.
  • Access to recorded sessions for convenient review and reinforcement of key concepts.
  • 50 hours of supervised coaching
  • Certification upon completion, providing recognition of your expertise and commitment to excellence.
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Our Curriculum: Empowering You for Transformation

We are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to thrive as a marriage and intimacy coach. Through a personalized and supportive learning environment, we guide you on a transformative journey towards deeper connections, lasting fulfillment, and professional growth.


Foundational Principles

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you explore the foundational principles of coaching, relationship dynamics, and personal development. Learn to cultivate empathy, active listening, and compassion as essential pillars of effective coaching practice.


Intimacy and Communication

Delve into the intricacies of intimacy and communication within relationships. Explore techniques for fostering open dialogue, resolving conflicts, and nurturing emotional intimacy. Gain insights into the unique challenges couples face and develop strategies for promoting connection and understanding.


Relationship Dynamics

Gain a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics, including attachment styles, love languages, and patterns of behavior. Explore the impact of past experiences on current relationships and learn to navigate challenges with empathy and resilience.


Practical Skills and Techniques

Equip yourself with practical skills and techniques to support couples in overcoming obstacles and strengthening their bond. From effective communication strategies to conflict resolution techniques, you’ll learn to facilitate meaningful change and promote positive outcomes.


Real-World Application

Apply your newfound knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios through practical exercises, role-playing, and case studies. Gain confidence and competence as you practice coaching techniques and strategies in your 50 hours of supervised coaching practice. 


Certification and Recognition:

Upon completion of the program, receive certification as a marriage and intimacy coach, recognizing your dedication and expertise in the field. Join a community of like-minded professionals committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.


Mentorship and Support

Receive personalized mentorship and support from experienced coaches who are dedicated to your success. Benefit from individualized feedback, guidance, and encouragement as you navigate the complexities of coaching and develop your unique coaching style.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your potential as a marriage and intimacy coach. 

Together, we can make a positive impact in the lives of couples around the world.

Frequently Asked


How many people will be in each cohort?

We aim to keep our cohorts small to ensure personalized attention and a supportive learning environment. Typically, each cohort will consist of approximately 5 participants.

What are the requirements for joining the program?

Our program is open to individuals with a passion for coaching and a desire to help couples strengthen their relationships. While prior coaching experience is beneficial, it’s not required. We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

How will the program be structured?

The program will consist of weekly 90-minute sessions covering a range of topics related to marriage coaching. Sessions will include a mix of instruction, discussion, and practical exercises to enhance learning and skill development.

What support will be available throughout the program?

Participants will receive ongoing support and guidance from our experienced instructors. In addition to live sessions, recorded materials will be available for review, and instructors will be accessible for questions and feedback outside of scheduled sessions.

What opportunities are there for growth and advancement after completing the program?

Upon completion of the program, participants will have the opportunity to pursue certification and establish themselves as professional marriage coaches. Graduates may also have the option to join our coaching team or explore independent coaching opportunities.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

We believe this program is so good for strengthening intimacy in your you won’t need another program like it. You get lifetime access to weekly coaching to help you apply principles to your situation, a comprehensive course, and an app to help you achieve your goals.

Private coaching is available for those interested in accelerating their growth even more.

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