Monthly Date Night Ideas

Looking for something fun to do this month?

Check out our calendar below that gives you an idea of a date for each month of the year!

Let us know how they go and what other date ideas you have for us in the comments below:)

January- Grab those tubes and toboggans, bundle on up, and head sledding at a hill near your home! No snow nearby? Try ice blocking instead! Buy a couple of big ice blocks at your local grocery store, take a towel to sit on, and ride them down a grassy hill!

February- Bake some heart shaped cookies and decorate them together for a romantic pre (or post) Valentine’s day date! Feel free to make this a double or family date:)

March- Whip up a four course meal consisting of only green food for St. Patrick’s Day dinner! You may have to break out the food coloring for this one… But don’t forget about naturally green foods as well!

April- April showers bring May flowers, right? Pull on your rain boots one rainy day and go find the biggest puddles you can. See who can make the biggest splash!

May- Visit a local farmers market and find some delicious fresh food to enjoy. Make a meal out of the treasures you find there!

June- Try out a new local hike! There are probably lots of different ones you’ve never even heard of. Do a little research and find one that works for you.

July- Learn to rollerblade or skateboard together! If you don’t have your own wheels, check out a local skating rink. You can typically rent skates or blades for a few hours there as long as you stay in their rink.

August- Find a local body of water (lake, large pond, dam, etc.) and try your hand at paddle boarding! Check out places near you to rent the paddle boards. Make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch to have on the beach!

September- Go get lost in a corn maze together! You won’t regret it. Afterwards, grab some hot chocolate and share some hopes and dreams with each other!

October- Rake up the leaves in your yard (or at a local park if you don’t have a yard) and jump in them!

November- Put together a hot chocolate and/or hot apple cider bar and pick out a fun fall movie to watch together! This is another great one to turn into a double date.

December- Plan a romantic bonfire. It’s great to sit around a blazing fire while snow is falling around you!

Download the calendar from the link below and hang it up somewhere you can both see. It will be a fun little reminder to get out and have a good time together on a date at least once a month (although we definitely recommend more!).

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