Take Your Marital Intimacy to the

Are you ready to feel happier, closer, and sexier in your marriage?

Next Level! is an affordable and effective marriage coaching program for couples and individuals that want to build a strong marriage with fulfilling sexual connection and deep intimacy & friendship.

What is Next Level!?

Next Level! is for married couples that are ready to take their marital intimacy to the next level. 

It’s for those that want to go from “I don’t like sex” to “I love sex with my spouse now.

or from “we don’t communicate” to “I feel appreciated by you.

or from “we can’t talk without it turning into an argument” to “we’re working through things and it’s never been better between us.

When you join Next Level!, you’ll find a more fulfillment and confidence in your marriage. You’ll find more clarity around decisions you face in your marriage. You’ll join a community of other happy couples taking their relationship to the next level. 

Have you ever thought…

“I just want to be wanted”

“I wish were were on the same page”

“I wish my spouse was more interested in sex or romance”

“I wish we could talk about certain things without getting our feelings hurt”

“Ever since the kids came along the level of our intimacy has gone way down”

“I worry about my spouse’s habits and time use”

“I am tired of feeling anxious about certain aspects of my marriage”

“If my spouse would fix this one thing, our marriage would be perfect”

Built for busy couples in a modern world

Next Level! includes in-depth resources, tools, and training; and personalized coaching to help you apply what you learn in real time. Conveniently in a mobile app and a private podcast feed, it’s quick and easy to access any time!

Membership Includes

Monthly Workshops

You’re invited to participate in in-depth workshops around many topics relating to sexual connection and intimacy.

Live Coaching Weekly

Regularly scheduled weekly group coaching is available to all members. Individual private coaching is also available.

Supportive Community

Find support from other couples in our discussion groups. Try a husbands/wifes only. Anonymous if you prefer.

On-Demand Resources

Enjoy free courses, podcasts, videos & marriage conference recordings, all from expert speakers in the field!

We’re Dan & Emily

The founders of Get Your Marriage On!

A little about us and our journey.

We created the Intimately Us app to make sex more fun and exciting. We’ve put on events and retreats. We launched a podcast, now with over 100 episodes.

However, the real growth in our marriage and sexual relationship came once we looked inward and tackled the difficult things that kept us stuck. This wouldn’t have been possible without excellent marriage coaching and meeting with other couples on the same journey. We’re inviting you to have the same experience with us in Next Level! 


What we had to learn

1. How to retrain our brains to think in terms of relationship and intimacy.

2. That conflict is a necessary building block to deeper intimacy in marriage. Contention is optional.

3. Our life is full of more joy, the sex more meaningful and exciting, and our marriage is full of freedom and life when we step into more intimacy with each other!

Why Community Matters

Other couples sharing their experiences helped us realize that we’re not alone.

Groups gave us a sounding board of people we could trust who helped us sort out real problems.

We gained great ideas and tips by learning from each other’s experiences.

A community helped us see things we never would have thought of on our own.

You can take your 




sex life

to the Next Level!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It’s $69 / month for TWO people, for unlimited coaching and access to our amazing community, and dozens of resources and tools that are exclusive to Next Levelers.

Traditional marriage therapy costs thousands of dollars, is slow, and inconvenient. You can experience changes in your marriage right away and conveniently in Next Level! today.

What bonuses are included?

When you sign up, you also get:

  • 2018 and 2019 Get Your Marriage On! conference sessions ($399 value)
  • Every workshop, past and future ($299 value)
  • Intimacy Foundations Course ($299 value)
  • A private podcast feed
  • Opportunities for 1:1 coaching ($899 value)

How does coaching work?

Group Coaching.

We offer a regular group coaching Zoom call that is exclusive to members. You’ll be able to learn from others and access the recordings later if you can’t join them live. 

Anonymous Couples Coaching.

Get coached privately and anonymously. Couples adopt pseudonyms and don’t share any identifying details. Audio recordings of these private couple coaching sessions are shared with the community so that others can follow along and learn how to apply the coaching into their own marriages.

Written Coaching.

An excellent option for those that are camera shy. You can anonymously write in your questions and receive coaching on your specific concerns. Search the database of other written coaching responses for an additional great learning resource.

Monthly Workshops.

Included in your membership is access to previous workshop recordings and all workshops that happen during your time in Next Level! These include:

  • How to be more confidence in the bedroom
  • Overcoming unwanted pornography use
  • How to have an orgasm or better orgasms
  • Navigating differences in sexual desire
  • Understanding your sexual self
  • And many more!

What are the additional resources?

Included in your membership is access to our 3 part Intimacy Foundations course and two years of Get Your Marriage On! marriage conference session recordings (15 sessions) from speakers including Sheila Wray Gregoire, Tara Carson, Dr. Dave Schramm, Dr. Matt Eschler, and others.

A Supportive, Caring Community

Join our discussion groups and learn from other couples. Bounce ideas off of peers. Find support from couples who are going through similar journeys. Join a husbands-only or wifes-only sub-group. You can keep your posts anonymous as well if you prefer.

Private Podcast Feed

I get it. We’re super busy. And we consume a lot of our content by audio while driving and working. All the coaching calls, workshops, and resource recordings are available by audio. When you sign up, you get a custom podcast just for you with all the audio content, updated in real-time. No more needing to open the laptop to watch every session.

What if my spouse doesn't want to join?

You can make significant changes in your relationship without your partner’s participation at first.

Next Level! is a buy-one get-one free model. If your spouse doesn’t want to join, you can share your other seat with a family member or friend!

Can I cancel if I want?

There’s zero risk in signing up. There are no long-term agreements. Cancel any time, no strings attached.