Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Your Husband


This guide is the Ultimate Guide for women to learn about pleasing their husbands. We dig deep into male anatomy, techniques, men’s arousal, all forms of intimacy, and much more. Contrary to popular belief, male sexuality is just as complex as female sexuality. Download this guide and read it now to learn more about pleasing your husband!

Check out some of our product testimonials for this guide below!


Product Testimonials:

“These guides contain critical information in them for all marriages. Especially in a world where there are so many broken marriages over this one issue of sexual relationships.”

“The information that you provide reminds us that it’s ok if he does enjoy a bit more foreplay and attention to become in the mood.
And the simple sections on aging were done beautifully and delicately. As a wife it is wonderful to know that when this becomes part of our story we have tools to share together.”

“Even though I’ve spent hours and hours reading similar books, I still learned some great new techniques, and there are parts that I want to reread. I appreciated a resource from a Christian perspective without inappropriate pictures or language.”

“It’s a fantastic book. Well done on so many levels. The details of the different types of handjobs were excellent!”

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