The Sexploration List- and 3 Ways to Use it!

Keeping things new and exciting is a great way to help your marriage stay fresh. In order to have healthy eroticism in your marriage, you have to be willing and able to communicate about what you are excited about, what sounds truly awful to you, and what you might be willing to try under the right circumstances. We have developed a list of positions to try, ways to connect emotionally, physically and spiritually, types of foreplay, and much more for you to go through and mark what you’d like to try along with your spouse to get on the same page about what you want to explore in the bedroom! We call this the Seploration List, and there are several different ways to use this list. A few of them are listed below!

3 Ways to Use the Sexploration List:

  1. Download the Intimately Us app here. Navigate to Discover –> Our Sexploration List –> then to each of the individual sections. Every item in each of the packs will let you mark whether you would like to try it, do not want to try it, or feel neutral towards the item overall. These are shown by a thumbs up, thumbs down, or one of each together.
  2. Go to our product site here to download a printable version of the Sexploration List. Print out two copies of the list and take time to each fill out one of the copies. Mark each item on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being an absolute YES that you would like to do that thing and 1 being a certain NO that you would not like to do that thing.
  3. Pick a topic from the list. Go through that one topic in great detail. Really dive in to what you want to do and what you would prefer not to, then go try a few things out. Let the conversation flow freely, and remember to accept what your spouse says!

A few rules while going through the Sexploration List:

First- NO JUDGEMENT! There may be things that your spouse wants to try that will surprise you. You may even surprise yourself with what you are wanting! So make this a judgment-free zone for sharing.

Second- Just because you mark something on this list with a high number, it does not mean it will happen. Realize this ahead of time. You need to work together as an intimate team when it comes to the bedroom just like with all things in marriage.

Third- Have fun! This is about growing together and becoming more intimately satisfied. So, enjoy!

Remember that this Sexploration List is here to help you grow closer together and not further apart. You should let yourselves be honest with each other, and be completely accepting of the other person’s responses. You may find something new that you both truly love! And as you experiment, you may find things that neither of you ever want to try again. Be open to these experiences. And have so much fun with each other during this time of exploration!

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