15 Valentine’s Disasters

*** 2024 Update ***

Valentine’s Day is SUPPOSED to be the most romantic day of the year, but what happens when your Valentine’s Day ends up being a disaster? At some point, I think we’ve all had high expectations for this day of love. Maybe you’ve planned a romantic dinner or tried to surprise your spouse only to have these plans blow up in your face. Never fear, you’re not alone with your Valentine’s disaster story. Laugh – and cringe – along with us over some of these stories!

The Loves of your Life

We have a store that sells a lot of gift products on Valentine’s Day.  A couple of years ago a guy came in and wanted to buy gifts for his three girlfriends.  One of our employees helped craft the message to the first one.  Then he said just send the same message to all three!  I guess it was either too much work to send a uniquely crafted message to each of the loves of his life.“-Ed

Unrequited Love

“When I was 15, I had a guy who had a huge crush on me bring me a bouquet of a dozen roses on Valentines Day… and proceeded to ask me to be his Valentine. I didn’t know what else to say but yes, even though the feelings were not mutual. He gave me a hurried kiss on the cheek while accidentally stepping on my foot, and then quickly darted away. I also lied to my parents and said the flowers were from a girl friend of mine- I thought they’d be upset because I wasn’t 16 yet.” -Allyson

Happy “V” Day

“Several years ago due to timing my wife of 30 years scheduled me for a vasectomy on Valentine’s day. She was 8 months pregnant at the time with our 4th child so my expectations of some mad love fest weekend with a very hormonal wife wasn’t at the front of my thoughts anyway . So to make a long story short I had the procedure done and spent my Valentine’s weekend with bags of frozen vegetables on my junk. Definitely not a Valentines I have fond memories of but one I will never forget.” -Randy

the Thought that Counts

“It was our 2nd Valentine’s Day since we had been married. We had just had our 1st child about 6 weeks earlier. My husband wanted to surprise me with my favorite flowers-white roses. He bought some ahead of time to make sure he could find some. He then hid them so I wouldn’t see them before Valentine’s. Well he forgot about them and when the day came he embarrassingly handed a dozen wilted and 1/2 dried white roses. He had forgotten to put them in water and keep them watered. It was one of the sweetest gestures he had done for me since being married. I ended up drying the bouquet and saved them for many years after. We always get a good laugh when we think of this memory.” -Apryl

Ghost of Valentine’s Past

“I’ve been with many different men in the past and every single one of them completely ignored me on Valentine’s Day. So last year, I’d been with my (now) husband for about 9 weeks when he said, “hunny, I have to go visit my friend on Valentine’s Day. If he wasn’t an old man or there was a different day I could go, I would. But there’s no other option.” I said ok, because, what am I going to do about it? After he went home, I cried my eyes out. Fortunately, after I explained why it was such a big deal to me, he took appropriate action and made sure I felt special on Valentine’s Day and the day after, he invited me over for a meal that he cooked for me, and lots of snuggles.” -Mari

… Need I Say More?

“My husband gave me the book ‘The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands’ for my Valentine’s gift thinking it was a good gesture on how to make him happier in our marriage.” -Virginia

“Being on the run from police.” -Bubba

“We got to the restaurant only to find that I’d made reservations for the wrong date. Oops.” -Bradley 

A Twist Ending

“My wife is the super practical sort… so I *almost* always refrain from any big, over-the-top displays of romance and affection on V-day or otherwise. But in 2000 I talked myself into one.

Wife was one month pregnant with our first child, so I knew this was ‘it’ as far as living kidless and fancy free! I bought her some new panties and a matching bra (nothing trashy), laid out a dress I’ve always loved on her, and left her a series of notes leading her around – the notes were even all in verse! They led to the restaurant in the hotel downtown, where I was waiting. We were seated for the lovers’ special dinner, and I had gotten a room for us so we didn’t even have to drive home!

Whether it was the early pregnancy hormones or what, she thought the underwear was too expensive, and didn’t wear it. The dress she put on, and apparently didn’t like how she looked in it so was self-conscious and uncomfortable all through dinner (which she also thought was too expensive). Needless to say she flipped over the fact that I splurged on a room as well, so we went upstairs and she cried for two hours. (not) winning!” -Brian

Let’s Mess Up Those Sheets

“Our first Valentine’s Day, my husband thought that it would be sweet to book a room at a local B&B.  Now, we lived in the south, so this B&B was a refurbished plantation home with all sorts of southern charm, but with modern additions.  Our  room had a huge old-fashioned four-post bed and fireplace, plus a bathroom (every bit as big as the room itself) with a jacuzzi tub and steam shower.  We arrive, all ready for a wonderfully romantic evening. 

We had brought all the normal necessities for a romantic evening, including the special “spritz” that we use to scent up the room to get us in the mood.  For whatever reason, I had the bottle in the red hoodie I was wearing.  Anyway, as soon as we enter the B&B, the hostess starts showing us around and explaining all the perks and everything.  I’m loving this B&B, but man!  It has such a strongly sweet smell!  But hey…to each B&B their own!

  We get shown up to our room and told to enjoy our night.  We dump all our stuff on the bed (which, by this point, included the hoodie, ‘cause it was too warm to wear it indoors) and sit down to enjoy our nice, romantic Walmart subs.  All the time, the sweet smell is getting stronger and stronger but, hey!  Who am I to judge?  We spend time gazing into each other’s eyes and talking about sweet nothings…and then we decide to clear off the bed, just in case we decide to use it later that evening.  Well, as I pick up the hoodie, I notice the pocket is wet, and the sweet smell is REALLY strong.  I gasp and look inside. 

What was That Smell?

Sure enough.  The twist top of our spritz bottle had loosened, and the bottle (which was over 3/4 full) is now 1/4 full.  That’s where the smell is coming from!  My amused annoyance turns to shock and horror when I look at the bed.  The perfume had soaked through the hoodie, taking some of the red color with it.  The white bedspread now has a beautiful pink spot on it the size of a large serving platter.  I yank off the bedspread, and the sheet beneath has a matching pink spot…as does the fitted sheet.  All told, I think 5 layers of cloth had a large pink spot on it, although the mattress itself had been mercifully spared.  I look at my husband and he looks at me.  Then I burst out laughing.  “Well I guess we’re washing sheets tonight!” I said. 

We spent the next hour or so using the jacuzzi tub to scrub the pink spot in all the various sheets and bedspreads.  Then came the issue of where to dry them.  Thankfully, as aforementioned, our bed was an old four-poster, and we had a fireplace, so we ended up draping sheets on that before the fireplace, turned up as high as it would go.  Things got hot for very non-romantic reasons for the next hour or so.  We enjoyed the jacuzzi tub ourselves while we waited, and eventually, ‘most everything was dry enough to put back on the bed so we could sleep, and the rest of our time there was very pleasant, but it took many months before I could smell that perfume again without thinking of doing sheets.  (And, as far as I could tell, the sheets didn’t get stained!)” -Jael

The Missionaries Are Here!

“Oh man, the first five years of our marriage for Valentine’s Day we could tell a story for each year. There was the year we thought we had an electrical fire and the entire fire department showed up and woke up the whole neighborhood. My favorite was when my wife finally tried to redeem ourselves. I came home from work to my wife in a saucy little outfit, a beautiful dinner on the table, and a perfect romantic evening set up. About 30 seconds later two female missionaries from church came and knocked on our door. My wife bolted upstairs and threw a shirt and sweats on. We tried to hold back giggles as they chatted. However, they stayed for THREE hours despite some hints. Dinner was cold, the mood was…spiritual, but not romantic.” -Brian

Searching for a Date Night

“My husband is a pilot in the Coast Guard and we were living in Alaska at the time, so date nights were a rarity. We hired a babysitter, made reservations at our favorite restaurant and I was looking forward to one of the few date nights we’d planned since becoming new parents. The night before Valentine’s Day, my husband was sent on a search and rescue case ten hours away, one way. Needless to say, he never made it back home until February 15th.” -Britt

Girl be Trippin’

When I was in college, I decided to surprise my boyfriend at a baseball game he was playing in. I got on a flight, flew across the country and then proceeded to break my ankle tripping over a curb while getting into the taxi. I got to surprise him when I called him from the emergency room.” – Ashley

Galentine’s Day

“This isn’t really a disappointing story in a romantic sense, but it was a disappointing Valentine’s day. My girlfriends and I were all single and celebrating Galentines! We had plans to go to dinner and then dancing. We had hyped up this night and were all so excited. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and never made it to dancing because we all ended up sick with food poisoning.” -Tara

It’s Obviously Salmon

“I was pregnant at the time and had been extremely sick (and was the entire pregnancy). My husband, who never cooks, decided to make one of my favorite Salmon dishes. However, salmon was one of the foods that just made me nauseous the entire pregnancy. I tried to grin and bear it because he was SO proud of the meal he’d cooked. About halfway through dinner, I had to run to the bathroom because I couldn’t keep the food down any longer.” -Stacy

Do you have your own Valentine’s Disaster story? Tell us about it in the comments!

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