20 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

What does it mean to you to spice up your sex life? To us, it means keeping the relationship fresh and keeping things exciting in the bedroom. Here at Get Your Marriage On!, we want to help couples have a wonderful energizing sex life. We do this by providing tips and ideas on how to keep things fresh and bring more fun into your sex life. One of the ways we do this is our wonderful marriage podcast!

We have had the privilege of interviewing many sex experts over the previous year on the Get Your Marriage On! podcast. In many of the episodes, Dan (the host of the podcast) asks his guest what black belt sex tips they’d give to a couple in a healthy marriage to be able to up the quality of connection and pleasure in the bedroom. 

We’ve rounded up our 20 favorite tips. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Pick a chore you both have to do that’s your least favorite, and do it naked. Try cleaning the bathroom or budgeting naked! (Monica Tanner, episode #4)
  2. Really turn each other on for two weeks but don’t orgasm. You’re going to up the anticipation like a pressure cooker! (Monica Tanner, episode #4)
  3. Cellulite and an amazing sex life are highly correlated. Being seen and seeing each other is the secret to really good sex. It typically doesn’t happen until you’ve been married a long time. (Celeste Davis, episode #3)
  4. Good sex NEEDS novelty. You need to put effort into making it new! (Celeste Davis, episode #3)
  5. We miss out on all of the wonders and joys of sex and our bodies when we’re too focused on driving towards orgasm. We need to enjoy every aspect of the sexual experience with our spouse, not just the peak pleasure.  (Rhonda Farr, episode #1)
  6. Invite God into your sexual experience. God has the power to fill in the gaps in your relationship and can also make sex great because He created it. (Laura Brotherson, episode #2)
  7. Sex can be fun and playful as the couple matures. Have fun and go easy with one another. (Amanda Louder, episode #10)
  8. It’s really important to make sex a priority, especially when you have young kids.  (Amanda Louder, episode #10)
  9. Wanna try something new? Say it! Seek new experiences in and out of the bedroom. (Corey Allan, episode #13)
  10. Give yourself permission to think erotically. (Ruth Beuzis, episode #17)
  11. Wives: teach your husband how to use his words to turn you on. (Ruth Beuzis, episode #17)
  12. Husbands: use games to take the pressure off of sex and have fun. (Ruth Beuzis, episode #17)
  13. Cultivating our eroticism and sharing our fantasies helps increase pleasure in the bedroom. (Jessa Zimmerman, episode #20)
  14. You need to have conversations about your sex life to make it easy and fun for both of you. (Jessa Zimmerman, episode #20)
  15. Play with the pleasure scale while also allowing yourself to be open and curious. (Danielle Savory, episode #24)
  16. Get a hotel room in your town, have hot sex, and have the husband go home afterwards to take care of the kids while letting his wife stay the night at the hotel and sleep in. (Laurie Watson, episode #36)
  17. Play a game called “don’t come”. (Laurie Watson, episode #36)
  18. Ask your spouse “What sounds pleasurable for you tonight?” (Dan Purcell, solo episode)
  19. Daily small intimate acts will help you grow your overall intimacy with your spouse. (Dan Purcell, solo episode)
  20. Make Sex fun! Try new things. (Dan Purcell, solo episode)

Want to learn more about each of these intimacy tips? Go listen to the full podcast of the Black Belt Sex Tips roundup here!

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