64: Improving Intimacy is an Inside Job with Jeff and Tom

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Podcast

The quickest way to improve your relationship with your spouse is to first work on yourself. However, working on ourselves can be hard. Participating in a high-quality group coaching program can often be just the thing to get you going in the right direction.

Last week we shared an inspiring story from Mark and Mindy. This week I have two inspiring guests, Tom and Jeff.

Tom and Jeff were part of the last cohort for my Men’s Intimacy & Desire coaching program. Both Tom and Jeff are successful in their careers and have seen quite a bit of success in their marriages too. 

In this interview, I ask them what they learned from the coaching program they wish to share with others. My biggest hope is everyone that who listens to this episode walks away inspired, filled with hope. I love this interview because Tom and Jeff are real, raw, and unabashed in sharing the transformation they experienced over the last three weeks.

In case you’re interested, the next cohort for my coaching program starts on January 19, 2022. There are only a dozen seats available and as of this recording, several have been taken. You’ll find the details on my website.

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