Christian Sex Toy Websites: Review!

Let’s talk about sex (toys), baby!  Sex toys can add a whole new dimension to sex with your spouse. They can add fun and pleasure to a committed, Christian relationship. There are so many resources out there for buying sex toys. However, not all these sites are created equally and many of them contain inappropriate content. It can be a daunting task to sort through the mountain of websites that might make you feel dirty to find a site you feel safe enough to browse for and buy sex toys on. So we did the work for you! Here are a few of our favorite websites for buying sex toys. All of them are Christian friendly and discrete, so you can feel safe exploring this side of your sex life with your spouse.

Why Would I Want to Use Sex Toys?

Everybody likes to play, and adding toys to play just adds a new level. We had the chance to talk to Teresa and Blair, the founders of Romantic Blessings, about sex toys. For a great overview on why sex toys are so great (and how to handle hesitations) check out our podcast episode Improving Intimacy with Sex Toys

A Word of Caution

As always, just a word of caution that no one should ever feel guilted into trying something sexually. Talk with your spouse about using sex toys and any boundaries you want to set before you go searching. We also believe sex toys should be used relationally and not individually. How that plays out is up to you. For example, some sex toys can be controled via app, so some long distance couples like to sync up and use them while communicating with each other even though they are physcially far away. Other couples will only use them when they are both in the room together. Talk about and set boundaries that are right for your marriage!

Sex toys also won’t “fix” a sex life that is struggling due to a lack of intimacy or connection. I once heard about a couple who were struggling. The wife did not ever want to have sex, and the husband had been trying everything to break her barriers. This husband confided in his friend about his struggles, and his friend told him, “oh, you just need to get her some sex toys. I’ll send you some!”. Later, the husband returned the sex toys to his friend. The box had been smashed. “She was not happy about this”, said the husband.

Sex toys are not something that will “save” a sexual relationship, but are a tool for added pleasure and intimacy between consenting spouses. 

Where to Shop!

All of these websites are “Christian-Friendly”. They all promise a nudity and pornography free site that supports marriage and other Christian values. They all also provide discreet packaging to keep your privacy. I’ve provided a few options for you to look at, as well as my review of each site. Happy shopping!

This website has a lot of helpful blog posts! They have a wide assortment of products; including lingerie, games, toys, furniture, and courses. There aren’t as many cheap options (not as big a variety of each type of thing) but have a diverse collection of toys. They have a more straight forward approach that will show up a lot of products all at once. They also offer free shipping if you subscribe. 

We’ve been privileged at Get Your Marriage On! To get to learn from the founder of Romantic Blessings! Their site offers free shipping and often has sales. They offer a lot of products and a ton of great information on sex toys and intimacy! When you subscribe, you even get access to nudity-free, Christian instructional videos on how to use toys and sex tips in general. 

CovenantSpice has a low price guarantee. They have a good range of prices, from very cheap to more expensive options. They have relatively little as far as how-tos or other information on the how and why of sex toys. However, they have good reviews and have published their opinion on Christian intimacy.

Sex Toys for Christians was designed not only to sell toys, but also to help you in the bedroom. They offer a resource section for how to use sex toys, how to care for sex toys, and a troubleshooting problems section. They also offer a Q&A section on their website and talk about what the bible says. They offer everything you’d need from setting the mood, lube, shared toys, to things that get just a little kinky.

This website offers a lot of products, which they have conveniently sorted into a lot of searchable categories. They have fairly reasonable pricing, and even have a “filter by price” option. This website is very Christian and offers a lot of content on their faith. They also have a place to ask questions about sex in a Christian relationship. There is not a lot of information about how to use sex toys. 

Last but not least, did you know you can buy sex toys right here on our website? We don’t offer a wide variety, but everything we do sell we know is the best! Our products are packaged into convenient bundles, so you don’t have to put in the effort! We also have bedroom games (some free and some available with a Premium subscription) on our app Intimately Us. Whether you are looking to try sex toys for the first time or looking for a gift for your spouse, we have a bundle for you! (p.s. Check back around holidays to find themed baskets!)

You Got This!

Sex toys can be so fun! Although not everyone wants to try them, too many couples have never tried it simply because they are nervous about buying them. Hopefully with these resources, you feel empowered to give it a try and get your marriage on!

Written by Amanda Severson at Get Your Marriage On!

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