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Would you like to ENJOY giving mind-blowing pleasure to your husband?

Is oral sex something he desires but you struggle to enjoy participating in giving?

Do you struggle with thoughts about it being gross or distasteful but wish you were more comfortable with the idea of it?

Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to up your game with game-changing fellatio (blowjob) techniques?

Most men say receiving oral sex from their wife is very high on their list of things they desire. Many men find oral sex intimate, pleasurable, and connecting. It is also vulnerable for men to receive oral sex, and that openness can facilitate closeness and intimacy in the relationship when handled correctly.

Join us for this special edition After Dark series workshop titled Mind Blowing Fellatio (oral sex on a man, aka blowjobs). Keelie and Austin Reason from Love Hope Adventure are our special guests teaching this workshop.

Oral sex can be very pleasurable and extremely intimate (and in some ways more intimate than intercourse). According to Dr. David Schnarch, a renowned sex and marriage therapist, oral sex can also rewire your brain in healthy ways to heal past trauma as well as build deeper intimacy and closer connection. Yet many couples struggle to enjoy giving or receiving in this way and would like help in this area.

This class is designed to empower you to explore this path to sexual pleasure in your marriage. We will cover:

  • Dealing with the “gross” factor
  • How to relax, put your anxiety at ease, and get the right mindset around giving and receiving oral sex
  • How giving a blowjob can be pleasurable for you
  • How to build up your confidence
  • Step-by-step instructions for those that are new or hesitant to try
  • Techniques to add pleasure
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Your questions answered

This workshop is taught from a Christian perspective (meaning, we assume Christian values such as sex being in the context of building a marriage). There is no nudity or live demonstrations but tastefully drawn illustrations may be used to explain certain concepts.

This workshop is 97 minutes long and includes a 12 page workbook.

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