181: 4 Pillars to Take Intimacy From Sub-optimal to First-Rate, Both In and Out of the Bedroom, with Dr. Juli Slattery

by | Apr 5, 2024 | General Posts, Podcast

Marriage is Like a Road Trip

Picture this. The journey of building an intimate marriage is much like a road trip through winding paths and scenic routes. Sometimes there’s traffic jams. Sometimes there are stretches of long, boring highways or lonely, dark nighttime drives. Sometimes there are flat tires and detours. And then there are beautiful vistas, new destinations at thrilling speeds, and awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping scenes that move you in a profound way, leaving you forever changed.

My guest today is Dr. Julie Slattery of Authentic Intimacy. She’s a psychotherapist that helps Christian women embrace their sexuality. You’ll get to hear Dr. Slattery open up about her own adventures and misadventures in marriage. Everything from those awkward honeymoon moments to the deeper challenges of connecting on all levels. She reminds me that while these bumps in the road are common, they’re also prime opportunities for growth, not just individually, but together with our spouses.  

If you find the important and meaningful work of building an intimate marriage isn’t as easy as you think it would have been, don’t fret. You’re not alone in this. In fact, every couple, even us, faces their own set of challenges behind closed doors. And that’s okay. These hurdles don’t have to define your relationship. It’s about how we overcome these challenges that matters. As I think about my own moments of growth and building an intimate marriage with my wife, Emily, many of these moments were born out of my stumbling blocks that have turned into stepping stones for me.  

You’ll love hearing about Dr. Julie Slattery’s four pillars for a rock solid intimate relationship and stay to the end to hear her black belt sex tip too.

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