Make A Sexy Bucket List

One of the goals of Intimately Us is to help you spice things up in the bedroom!

As life gets busy and hectic, and marriage takes on some normalcy and routine, it’s easy for sex to also get routine or low on the priority list. For too many couples, sex may start to fizzle and and get… well, boring!

This was us, and we didn’t know it. Things weren’t bad, we just didn’t have something to look forward to. But it all changed for the better.

Here’s one super simple way to make things SEX-ITING again: make a bucket list!

You set goals at work and for your personal life, right? What could be more fun than some sexy goals or things you want to do together? We made our own bucket list a year ago. It’s made our occasional romantic getaways SO MUCH FUN!

Looking for some inspiration on what to add to your bucket list? Check out these ideas:

Dreaming about how to make your next encouter unforgettable and fun? Check out these ideas!

  1. Tickle & tease each other with a feather or scarf
  2. Go lingerie shopping together
  3. Put on a lingerie fashion show at home
  4. Whisper something sexy and try to arouse each other with your words
  5. Sext each other all day long for a day
  6. Mattress wrestling and sock wrestling
  7. Play truth or dare
  8. Massage each other using the oil / wax from a massage candle
  9. How about a steamy make out session?
  10. Naked pillow fight
  11. Kiss in the rain
  12. Send a panty gram or boxer gram
  13. Enjoy a romantic bubble bath
  14. Do a Strip Tease
  15. Have a sexy shower together
  16. Send your spouse a sexy selfie
  17. Body painting! (bonus points if the paint is edible too)
  18. Wear a blindfold
  19. Play strip poker
  20. Talk about a favorite fantasy
  21. Get a hickey
  22. Play hard to get
  23. Dress up and stay in character during sex
  24. Turn on the lights
  25. Role play a sexy scenario
  26. Use handcuffs or scarfs and take turns doing each other
  27. Entice with ice
  28. Try warming lubricant
  29. Give a Lap dance
  30. Naked full body massage (don’t forget a spot!)
  31. Edible underwear
  32. Play Twister, naked
  33. Incorporate honey, chocolate syrup, or edible lube into lovemaking
  34. Wear a wet t-shirt around the house
  35. Make dinner wearing only an apron
  36. Go commando
  37. Send a sexy photo
  38. Whisper something sexy while in public
  39. Write a sizzling story
  40. Send a sexy calendar invite (schedule it)
  41. Try out a new toy
  42. Try out a new position
  43. Play a bedroom game
  44. Act out a movie scene
  45. Get rough and wild
  46. Do a steamy foreplay session
  47. Record it
  48. A quickie in an unexpected place
  49. On a bed of roses
  50. By candle light
  51. Under the stars
  52. During a lunch break (nooner)
  53. Just like the first time
  54. Wake up your spouse in the middle of the night for sex
  55. While listening to a sexy playlist
  56. Like a doctor and a patient / nurse
  57. Meeting as strangers
  58. While skinny dipping
  59. When you wake up
  60. Climax while looking into each other’s eyes
  61. At the kitchen table or counter
  62. In a closet
  63. Out of the house
  64. In front of a fire
  65. Out in the open, under the stars
  66. In a bubble bath
  67. In the car (find someplace secluded)
  68. During a thunderstorm
  69. In the bed of a pickup truck
  70. In the light of a full moon
  71. In a sleeping bag, hammock, or tent
  72. On the couch
  73. On a chair
  74. Under the Christmas tree
  75. On the stairs
  76. On the washer or dryer while it’s running
  77. Set a goal or new person record for # of times you’ve done it during a week
  78. In front of or on top of a large, sturdy mirror

There you have it! Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your own bucket list!

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