From Awkward to Arousing: A Guide to “Dirty Talking” for Christian Couples


A tasteful, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to increase connection with your spouse through erotic conversations, or “dirty talk.” This 40 page guide has something for both brand new, hesitant sexy talkers and those who may be a little more experienced. Use the included worksheets and game suggestions to explore new vocabulary and increase the connection, passion, and fun in your marriage!

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Product Testimonials:

“This workbook really has the potential to teach husband and wife how to communicate on a much more intimate level! I know there have been times in my marriage when we have practiced some of these suggestions, but there is always room for improvement!” – Alex

“I think the guide is well written and easy to follow. I also like the fact that you explain the language we use in the bedroom is between spouses, it is not language we use out of the bedroom with other people.” – Harold

“This guide is extremely comprehensive! Not only is there a step by step guide to starting your journey with sexy talk, there are also multiple examples of phrases you can use in different situations depending on your comfort level. As someone who is starting with the basics themselves, this guide is immensely helpful and I would definitely recommend it!” – Anonymous

“I am definitely more into “sexy talk” than my wife, so when I read this I was afraid that it wouldn’t really help me at all. After all, I would love to have my wife read it and take some suggestions, but what could I get out of it? Well, I learned that her version of “sexy talk” is much milder than mine, but no less important. When I finished reading I sent her a text and an “I love you” gif, and it really meant a lot to her. So even if you think this booklet isn’t for you (and wish your spouse would read it instead), keep an open mind and read it anyway. You might learn something!” – Stephen

“This guide is a great introduction to the art of initiating sexy dialogue with your spouse. While it may be called ‘dirty talk’, the material is presented in a clean, tasteful, and easy-to-access fashion. It demonstrates that the concept is NOT the common misconception of ’just saying some dirty words’, but is instead a far more expansive topic than one might think. It covers aspects like the importance of communication, overcoming awkwardness, how to initiate, and ideas to stimulate your imagination. It should help any open-minded couple discover (or improve) a facet of intimacy in their relationship that will help develop a greater connection.” – Brady

“As a couple who has already dabbled in this area, it was awesome to read about more ideas we could use together! I loved the worksheets as a tangible way to engage in direct conversation with spouse and have new ways to talk with each other. It was also really healthy for us to discuss things and phrases that would make us uncomfortable. We are excited to try out some of the different suggestions!” – Sarah

“I love the emphasis on safe and mutual. The practical components are well thought out and thorough. I commend you for thinking holistically and all kinds of baby steps towards greater intimacy. And the worksheets are concrete ways to move the ball forward!” – Mike

“This was a great book. I really liked the practical ideas for putting the practice into play. I liked the role play ideas, and the worksheets are a great concrete way of sharing what you like with your partner. I also was introduced to some new terms for body parts I’d never heard before, haha!” – Kat

“A great guide for couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom by adding “dirty talk” but aren’t sure if it’s appropriate, or just feel awkward. I found the suggestions helpful and look forward to incorporating some of the ideas in my own relationship.” – Melody

“I really liked the lay out and the worksheets to print and do with your spouse. I had an “aha” moment reading #3 of the “what is dirty talk?” Section. I hadn’t ever understood why it made sense for someone to be called hot when they were looking/feeling sexy. Now I get it. Lol. Overall some interesting ways to look at and try a new bedroom skill.” – Sarah

“From Awkward to Arousing is packed with ways to enhance your Dirty Talk game…even if you’re a newbie! I loved having worksheets for my husband and I to fill out to get us going in the right direction. If you’re looking for a way to see dirty talking in a new light, then this is the book for you, as it’s filled with TONS of sexy game ideas and scenarios ranging in different levels of spiciness!” -Rebecca

“This ebook is full of practical advice and suggestions to help one embrace the usage of dirty talk in a relationship. The included worksheets are extremely helpful in helping one find language that they are comfortable using and helps to weed out words which do not evoke a feeling of sexiness too! Worth a read to expand horizons and continue to explore in a loving way.” – Janet

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