27 Ideas for a Date Night At Home

This Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to make fancy reservations or book a weekend away to make your night special or romantic. COVID has halted many of our plans, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up from the comfort of your home! Check out our list of 27 Ideas for a Date Night at Home to give you all the inspiration to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

#1 – Sexy Spa Night

Grab the body oil and get ready to oil each other down in all the right places. Finish off with a steamy shower or a dip in a hot bath. Looking for a course for couples on how to give a great massage? Check out http://couplesmassagecourses.com/couples-massage-videos/?afdeet=125

#2 – Cook Together

Grab your chef’s aprons and roll up your sleeves to cook your favorite meal together! 

#3 – Fondue Party 

Make your own fondue to snack on while watching your favorite romantic movie. Check out the Date Ideas section of the Intimately Us app for a chocolate fondue recipe.

#4 – Movie Marathon

Do you have a favorite movie series? Or even a favorite slew of Valentine’s movies? Put the kids to bed early and hit play on your Netflix account!

#5 – At Home Wine Tasting

You can enjoy all the fun of a winery wine tasting at home! Some wineries have “take home kits” for wine tasting at home. No winery close by? Pick up a few different bottles of wine and create your own tasting! 

#6 – Star Gaze

Grab a blanket and watch the stars while snuggled up close together. 

#7 – Bonfire S’mores

Eating gooey s’mores while snuggled up close to your Valentine sounds like a perfect date night to me. 

#8 – Watch Your Wedding Video or Look at Wedding Photos

Relive your wedding day by rewatching your wedding video and looking at old pictures. Can you recreate your first dance?

#9 – Dessert in Bed

Head to bed early with your favorite sweet craving. Bet you can’t keep the sheets clean. 😉

#10 – Create a playlist and Dance

Create a playlist of your favorite songs and turn your living room into a dance floor!

#11 – Video Game Challenge

This is even more fun if you’re playing your kid’s games that you don’t normally play. We promise that you can’t make it through a game without laughing at each other!

#12 – Play the Intimately Us Game

Download our app, Intimately Us, and head to the “Play” section. We promise this is a game you’ll both love!

#13 – Portrait Painting

Set up a canvas and model for each other! Artistic skills not required. 🙂

#14 – Progressive Dinner Takeout

Order takeout from a different restaurant for each course. This is a fun way to mix up your dinner but also test new restaurants!

#15 – Around the World Dinner

Expand your palette with a variety of eats from different parts of the world. 

#16 – Virtual Cooking Class

Book a virtual cooking class and learn how to cook a new meal together!

#17 – Virtual Dance Class

Book a virtual dance class and learn a new dance together. We recommend the salsa for a spicy Valentine’s Day!

#18 – Sunset Sip 

Grab your favorite drink of choice and watch the sunset together. Don’t forget a blanket to snuggle up with!

#19 – Couples Zoom Game Night

Pick your favorite game and set up a zoom game night with your closest friends! 

#20 – Set Up a Nacho Bar

Bonus points if you come up with various toppings to try!

#21 – Chocolate Tasting

Pick up a giant box of chocolate and taste test with your Valentine. If you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day then head to bed, but don’t forget your chocolates!

#22 – Game & Stadium Food

Is your favorite hockey or basketball team playing? Cook up your favorite game-day food (chili dogs, salty fries, giant pretzels, etc) and cheer on your favorite team with your Valentine.

#23 – Karaoke 

Download an at-home karaoke app or YouTube and belt out your favorite songs. Bonus points if you add dance moves.

#24 – Breakfast in Bed

Food required. Clothing optional. 

#25 – Write Love Letters

Take time to sit down and write each other a heartfelt letter expressing your love. 

#26 – Living Room Picnic

Light the candles, set the mood, order takeout or make your favorite meals and enjoy the company of your Valentine. 

#27 – First Date Re-Make

Relive your first date from your living room! Cook the same meal, make a menu and dress up! 

No matter how you choose to celebrate your Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you celebrate and enjoy the day with the one you love. If you’re looking for date night ideas out of the house, check out our blog post full of 21 COVID Friendly Date Night Ideas.

Still wondering what to get your Valentine for a gift? Check out this blog post full of Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts!

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