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After Dark: Role Play Fun for Deeper Connection


Whether you’re just curious, a beginner to role-play, or a seasoned couple looking for fresh ideas to spice up your bedroom play, this workshop is for you!

Add some fun and creativity to your sex life with fun role-play dates!

Welcome to another special edition After Dark workshop! In this workshop we’ll talk in detail about how to strengthen your marriage and sexual connection by adding a playful role-play into your sexual repertoire!

What You’ll Learn

  1. Why so many couples enjoy adding role-play to their bedroom fun and how you can benefit from this form of play
  2. How to brainstorm and plan date nights as a couple that you’ll both enjoy
  3. Tips and tricks to enhance your experience
  4. How to overcome and work through hang-ups such as being nervous or how to discuss role-playing with a hesitant spouse.

How This Workshop Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Good sex is an adult version of play. Playfulness unlocks creativity and novelty which are essential to maintaining a connection and building a marriage and sex life that can stay vibrant and last a lifetime.

Role-play can add novelty, playfulness, and connection to your sex life. It allows you to utilize your most powerful sex organ - your mind - in creating an erotic space as a couple. 

Who It’s For

This workshop is for married couples interested in enhancing their sex life.

Whether you’re just curious or a beginner to role-play, or a seasoned couple looking for fresh ideas to up your role-play game, this workshop is for you.

All content in this workshop, like our other workshops, are taught from a Christian perspective where we believe sex relational in nature and to be expressed in a committed marriage relationship.

What You You Get

This live workshop will be lighthearted, yet detailed and informative. You’ll walk away from this workshop confident in your ability to carry out sexy, fun and memorable role-play dates!

You will receive:

  • An approximately 90 minute live presentation about role-play
  • A detailed, guided date night plan with suggestions on how to carry out your first role-play date. Ideal for beginners!
  • Ideas, and suggestions, and prompts to help you create date night scenarios you’ll both enjoy
  • Your questions answered
  • A recording of the workshop so that you can review it again later

Who’s Teaching This Workshop

This workshop will be taught by Dan Purcell and special guests Katie & Jon Runyan, experienced role-play experts and founders of There will also be time for Q&A towards the end of the workshop so that you can get all of your questions answered

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