Valentine’s Day 2022 Date Idea

This Valentine’s Day, spend some quality time with your spouse enjoying some tasty treats, a movie, and playing a game together.

Step 1:

To start off your evening gather up some love themed snacks. There are lots of heart shaped foods at the grocery store this time of year (you can even order a heart shaped pizza from many pizza chains!). Maybe try some new red and pink food. You could throw some red and pink m&m’s into your popcorn, or go healthier with cherry tomatoes and strawberries! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s snacks you both enjoy. Find a cute way to display them and get ready for step 2!

Step 2:

Pick out a movie to watch! A great option for tonight is the movie “Valentine’s Day”, it has the holiday right there in the name! If this movie isn’t your groove, that’s totally fine. Just pick something you would both enjoy watching. Have some laughs together and enjoy some cuddling on the couch or bed while you watch. Clothing optional šŸ˜‰

Step 3:

Try out some of the conversation starters below, or open up the Intimately Us app and try out a new bedroom game you haven’t played together before. A few of our favorites include Battlestrip, Connect 4-Play, and Intimate Charades. Try out one or all of them and enjoy some time getting it on with your spouse!

Valentine’s conversation starters:

  • What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day?
  • What do you consider the most romantic spot in the world?
  • If time could stand still for 2 days except for the two of us, what would you want to with me?
  • What makes you feel loved?
  • What day of your life would you like to live over again? Why?
  • Who from your childhood made you feel loved and protected?
  • When you need downtime or a break, what is your favorite way to relax?
  • What is your favorite Valentine’s candy?

We hope you enjoy some connection and love with your spouse this Valentine’s Day! Use this simple at home date night to grow your intimacy and have fun this year on Valentine’s Day.

Wanna get out of the house? Tweak this date to include dinner out and a movie in a theater! You can still enjoy the conversation starters while you have dinner and play a bedroom game when you get home from the movie. Have so much fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now go Get Your Marriage On!

<h3>Jaina Thurston</h3>

Jaina Thurston

Hi there, my name is Jaina (pronounced like Jay-Nuh) and I am so happy to be here! I am an outdoor enthusiast and love doing everything with my hubby and 3 dogs. I focus a lot on fertility in my own life and am learning to help other couple's on their intimacy journeys while struggling with infertility. I have a degree in psychology and absolutely LOVE helping others discover their greatness!

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