Anniversary Date Ideas!

We are in the throes of wedding season! According to the Knot, “80% of all weddings [took] place between May to October. To be specific, the most popular wedding months are June (13%), August (13%) and October (22%).” If it’s wedding season, that also means it’s anniversary season! Let us help you plan your anniversary date this year!

Do you celebrate your anniversary? Marriage is great, but it can be a lot of work. On top of that, life will always have its tricky moments. It is so important to celebrate the happy moments to help you remember why this is all worth it. Another year married is another success! Take the time to remember the happy memories and evaluate how things can get better in the year to come!

How do you like to celebrate your wedding anniversary? How do you decide who plans the date, or do you plan together? My husband and I switch off every year; so this year I’m planning Valentine’s Day and he’s planning our anniversary, and then next year we’ll switch. For our first anniversary, we were living in Vegas and had such a fun time staying on the Strip for a night.

Some of our readers will be trying to plan a big Event; others will be planning a more economical date. Whether this year is a big one, or an off year, here are some ideas to help make it a special day for both of you! 


Use these ideas to plan your anniversary date! Use just one idea, or mix and match ideas to craft the perfect experience. Add in details based on where your live, your budget, and your own love story.


Recreating your favorite memories together can be a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Bringing back good memories can help you realize the scope of your relationship, and help you see how much your relationship has grown. Here are a few creative ways to reminisce on your anniversary. 

  • Find a way to recreate your wedding night! Book a room at the same hotel, or wear the same outfit (lingerie included) that you wore that special night!
  • Don’t have a lot of time? This can be as simple as pulling out your photo album and remembering the little details of your wedding day! Get your kids involved and let them know about how that special day went. 
  • Recreate your Honeymoon! This could be anything from traveling back to the actual place where you went the first time around, or setting the scene in your living room! (for example: My husband and I went to Puerto Rico. For our anniversary, I might have Puerto Rician music playing, a waterfall on the TV, and the food we ate while we were there!)
  • Plan a scavenger hunt where the clues take you to places special to the two of you (Shout out to my mom, who planned this great date for my dad 🙂 
  • Recreate your favorite date or memory from your courtship


Your anniversary is a great excuse to take some time away from the daily stressors of life. Whether it’s in the budget to go on vacation, or if you need to make home your vacation, here are some ideas for you!

  • Sometimes, you just need a little escape. Take this special day to plan a private get-away with your spouse! This could be a tropical vacation, a night in a local hotel, or a stay-cation where you ignore work and school for the weekend (if you have kids, arrange a sleepover for them.)
  • Have an adventure day! Take a hike or plan a picnic. Go to that new restaurant everyone’s been talking about. Explore downtown and find a new shop! Find some scooters to rent and ride around your city. Take out your bikes and have fun! Go swimming! Literally anything you can think of, as long as you do it together. 

Make it Personal

An anniversary date is only as special as the person you share it with. Celebrating with our special someone is a recognition of all they mean to you. Here are some ideas on how to personalize an anniversary date to be for your spouse. You know them best, so pick out the ideas you know they would like!

  • Give them an excuse to dress up! Take them on a date to a “fancy” restaurant. This could be Ruth’s Chris, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, or even McDonald’s. Just tell them to dress as fancy as they would like, and you dress up as well!
  • If your spouse prefers to stay in, surprise them with a dinner date! Set the table, cook (or buy take out), and set the scene. Light some candles, pick out their favorite music, and bring the lube (just in case).
  • Write a letter to your past selves about everything you have learned so far. Marriage is the greatest adventure a couple can take, and we tend to grow a lot along the way. Work together to write a letter that gives advice to your younger selves, and let them know all the good things to come!
  • Write a sexy love letter to your spouse! Include all the things you love about them, and the details that drive you crazy! Include what makes them beautiful/handsome/sexy, sexy memories you share, and what you want to do to them tonight 😉 
  • Propose again, or write new vows! Include the new things you have learned about them and the new areas of love you’ve developed. Renew your commitment to this person as you continue to grow and change together! 
  • Although it seems cliché, presents can mean a lot! Presents can be small, like letters, chocolates, flowers, jewelry, coupon book or anything you know they would love. For example, my husband always enjoys a new fidget toy or little puzzle. And I’m a sucker for new lingerie. 

Let’s Do This Thing!

Your anniversary is the time to commemorate you! The two of you have worked for how every many years to build a life together. That’s worth celebrating! Whether it’s big or small, I hope this post has inspired you to take the time to party with your spouse this anniversary season!

If you want more great date ideas, check out our posts 5 Sexy Date Ideas and Fall Date Ideas!

Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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