Fall Date Ideas!

The wait is almost over. Your patience has almost paid off. Fall is almost here! Get ready for pumpkin spice, dusting off your sweaters, and cuddling up with a warm drink.

The fall is a time of harvest. After a busy summer, most people like to take stock of their projects and goings-on. What needs to be done before the New Year? What has been going well? This can also be a great time to evaluate your relationship. If you are a parent, having kids back in school can also give you the space to get to know your spouse again. That’s why we do Sextember!

Continuously dating your spouse can add so much to your relationship. Don’t believe me? Check out our post on dating your spouse!

If you are looking to embrace the spirit of fall and add some “pumpkin spice” to your relationship, here are some fun fall date ideas!

Fall At Home

Here are some date suggestions that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Light the candles and schedule some “us” time. 

  • Pumpkin Carving: a fall classic! Lay out trash bags, cut open the top of your pumpkin, take all the “guts” out, and then cut a design into the side. Make it your own by carving a symbol of your favorite memories together, or for the very ambitious try to make a Jack-o-lantern that looks like your spouse. 
  • Doughnut Making (and Decorating): My mom always made us homemade doughnuts the first Monday of October. Now, my husband and I like to try our own doughnut making and experiment with different toppings. Others may want to decorate candy apples or fall-themed sugar cookies. The idea is to make something creative together that encourages silliness (and sugar). 
  • Puzzle Night: Fall is notorious for being cozy. Take time to relax and work on a puzzle together. Working through a “problem” together can be therapeutic and build your friendship. And sitting and chatting over a puzzle and warm drink sounds amazing as a break from the stressors of life. 
  • Walk Down Memory Lane: Pull out the old photo album and remember the good ole’ days. A lot of people have their anniversary in the fall or winter. Look back at your courtship, your wedding, your highs and lows. Take a pause to see how far you two have come together!
  • Pumpkin-Themed Dinner: Okay one more cooking idea! Plan an entire pumpkin themed dinner. Divide out the courses (Appetizer, entrée, dessert, etc.) between the two of you and see how many ways you can use that classic fall squash.

In Your Area

So what if you’re not a homebody? Here are some ways to enjoy the season together in your town!

  • Hayrides/Festivals/Corn Maze: Most places have some sort of fall event going on. Do some googling and find a fall carnival or pumpkin patch near you. Ditch the kids and enjoy this classic event just the two of you. 
  • Fall Colors Walk/Hike: One of the best things about fall is the leaves changing color. Plan a walk or hike to maximize on the beauty of the season. Take the time to relax together and benefit from being in nature. Rake up a pill of leaves to jump into, or bring a picnic lunch to share.
  • Hot Chocolate Tasting: My husband still claims this was the funnest date I ever took him on. We created a list of restaurants and cafes in our area that served hot chocolate. We then created a “score sheet” rating things like the sweetness, chocolaty-ness, temperature, and overall taste. We ordered a small hot chocolate at each place and rated each. We got to chat and people watch at each place, and debate the drinks. Not fall-y enough for you? Try this same thing but with pumpkin spice lattes!
  • Apple Picking: Fall is time to harvest! See if you can go apple picking in your area. If not, go pick out a nice pumpkin or find what crop your area is known for!
  • Stargaze: Are you feeling left out because there are no fall activities in your area? Take this chance to go stargazing! Pack the car with a tarp and blankets and pillows (or a full mattress if you’re that committed) and drive until you find a clear sky. Snuggle up under the stars and see what constellations you can find!


Last but not least, what if you are a spooky king/queen? Here are some Halloween themed dates!

  • Thrift Store Costume Contest: go to your local thrift store and set a time limit. Before the clock runs out, try to put together a recognizable costume. Model your costumes for each other and decide who won.
  • Scary Movie Night: Pick out a scary movie to watch together. Don’t worry, if you get scared you’ll have a snuggle buddy ;). Up the spooky factor by watching it outside or away from your house.
  • Haunted House: Find a local haunted house and go test your bravery. Hold hands and power through together. 
  • Scary Story Competition: Think of those late night sleepovers as a kid. Which scary stories kept you up all night? Swap stories with your spouse, and see if you’ll have trouble sleeping tonight. 
  • Costume Role Play: What could be more fun than a sexy romp dressed as your favorite character? As you pull out those boxes of costumes, consider bringing some of them into the bedroom,

Want More?

Want more sexy Halloween fun? Stay tuned: in October we are bringing you your sexiest Halloween yet!

As the seasons change, use this opportunity to mix it up and keep your relationship vibrant. I love the fall and hope you all get to enjoy it as much as me. 

Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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