Intimately Us: What is Premium?

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What do you get when you upgrade to premium on Intimately Us? 

Intimately Us is our most popular app and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people! However, our followers may not know that they can get access to even more games, discovery, and features through the premium version. Check out all these exciting features offered exclusively on Intimately Us Premium and upgrade here. 

What You Get With Premium

Unlock all of these bedroom games for more spice, variety, and extended fun and variety in the bedroom!

Intimately Us “Sexy Prompt” Packs

  • “Intimate Discovery”: Get to know each other intimately in this playful adventure of discovery and exploration. This adventure comes with over 110 helpful hints that are not too explicit. This is ideal for couples that enjoy incorporating a little creativity into figuring out what they and their spouse enjoy. 
  • “Let’s Get It On!”: This pack is great for couples looking for a lot of variety in their bedroom play and like specific instructions. This pack contains over 120 actions. You can customize and adapt to your comfort level.
  • “Talk Me Into It”: This adventure is ideal for couples that enjoy a mindful, conversational style to lovemaking. “Talk Me Into It” is full of prompts designed to get you thinking more deeply about your own sexual perspectives and exploring those of your spouse.. 
  • “Pleasure Island”: This adventure is perfect for creative couples that enjoy fantasy and role play. Explore this theme park-turned-pleasure playground.  Your bedroom transforms into the enchanted Pleasure Island Theme Park full of rides, challenges, and dares. So much to do, what will you do first?

Holiday Packs

Brew for Two Cover Photo
Brew for Two Cover Photo
Santa's Workshop Cover Photo
Santa’s Workshop Cover Photo

We also have some fun, themed packs that are only available seasonally. With premium, you have access to all “spiciness” levels in these games, so you can move from foreplay all the way to penetration.

  • “Santa’s Workshop” (Christmas): Cozy up as you unwrap each other with a fun and spicy Christmas-themed adventure pack full of wonder and exploration of each other! It’s after hours at Santa’s workshop. All the other elves have gone home except for that one special elf that you’re obsessed with; the one you find absolutely attractive and irresistible. You draw near each other, hoping for a little romance….
  • “Brew For Two” (Halloween): You and that special classmate are partners for your final exam for Potions class. Using the ingredients and spells given to you, can you create a potent love potion and pass the class?
  • We are working on even more Holiday packs, so let us know what themes you hope to see in future updates. 

Sexy Takes on the Old Classics

  • “BattleStrip”: A spicy take on the old classic. Take turns guessing squares, and when one of your pieces of clothing gets “sunk” remove that item from your body!
  • “Intimate Charades”: You have 90 seconds to guess what prompt your spouse is acting out. Don’t be afraid to let loose and be a little silly with your spouse!
  • “Sexy Twister”: You and your spouse get tangled up in all kinds of intimate and playful ways in this much more adult version of the childhood game. The premium version takes the spice up a few levels!
  • Create your own bedroom game with custom “Play Lists”

Sex Positions

One of our newest features are our sex positions! Have you ever felt like you want to mix things up in the bedroom, but you don’t know how? One of the simplest, and funnest, ways to mix things up is to try a new position for penetrative, oral, and manual sex. With a premium subscription, you can have access to over 100 sex positions with tasteful stick-figure cartoons illustrating the position and a description of how to do the position (for both the husband and the wife). You can mark favorites, and sort the list by situation or type of sex you want.

Other Premium Features

  • With Premium, you have the ability to schedule daily Intimacy challenges so you can plan ahead and prioritize your favorites.
  • Access all of our Fun & Flirty invites to send inspirational (and seductive) messages to your spouse
  • Unlock all Sexploration List packs to explore more about what both of you desire in bed
  • Unlimited Conquests: there are no limits to your sexual adventures, and now there are no limits to the number you can record!
  • Digital invites for date ideas: Go the extra mile by sending an invitation to your spouse to enhance anticipation and make your date night that much more special. 
  • Fantasy Escapes: roleplay can be really fun, but it can be hard to come up with ideas. Use these escapes to help set the mood and spark your imagination.
  • Remove all ads so you can enjoy your intimate experience with no distractions. 

What Are You Waiting For?

When you’re ready to take it up a level with Intimately Us Premium, we have a few affordable options to fit your needs: a monthly subscription, yearly subscription, or a lifetime subscription (with just a one-time payment). 

If you want more fun, flirting, and play in your marriage, don’t wait to try out premium! You can upgrade your app here

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I love this app! My husband and I are such busy people, this helps us stop and make sure we show the love that we have for each other. I’d give 6 stars if I could!

D & R

This is by far the #1 sex app for Christian couples! My wife and I played the games like 5 times over the last week. Sparks are flying and we’ve never felt so close before. Thank you!

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