Imagine your spouse coming home from a long day at work. As he or she shuffles their feet towards the bedroom, something catches their eye on the door handle: a sassy door hanger inviting them to some private bedroom time! Imagine their excitement as anticipation builds for an evening of connection and pleasure.

Shhh! We're getting our marriage on! door hanger
Shh! We’re getting our marriage on!

Being Intentional About Spending Time Together

Wanting to be wanted and desired is something we all relate to. Also, life is busy and full of interruptions and distractions. Setting aside some quiet time to talk, learn together, and connect is increasingly important as the pace of our lives seem to go at breakneck speeds. Private mommy & daddy time becomes a scarce commodity as children join your family, too. Sometimes what we all need is a visual reminder that we’re going to be intentional about spending time together in the privacy of our bedroom!

And being intentional matters. A lot.

How do you compare to the average time couples spend together? According to the Office of National Statistic, couples spend an hour and a half together each day, including weekends. A third of that time is spent eating, another third doing chores, and the last third watching TV. What about talking about what’s going on in each other’s lives? What about learning new things together? Or finding something you both enjoy? What about passion and romance?

Making the effort to increase the quality of the time you spend together yields many benefits to your marriage, such as a boost to your sex life, reducing stress, and strengthening your marriage for the long haul. And when you’re together, turn off your phones: sitting side by side scrolling Instagram or replying to group text messages isn’t necessarily the best way to connect with each other. If you need ideas of what to do together, check out the Get Your Marriage On! app’s Conversation Starters, videos, and BattleStrip game.

When I was young, my parents would occasionally hang a door hanger on their bedroom door, one they probably brought home from a hotel that said Privacy Please. They explained to us kids to not knock or interrupt if that sign was on the door. Now I know why–and am grateful for their good example. It sends a clear message to me as a child that their time together matters. And the little things you do for your spouse every day also say “You’re important to me. Our marriage is important to us. Let’s make this time ours.”

Shhh! Privacy Please! We’re busy getting our marriage on.

We want to give you another resource to make it easy to set aside time with your lover. As a gift to you, dear reader, we present official Get Your Marriage On! Door Hangers!

There’s four messages, each one in a dark or light theme for 8 total, to help you get your personal time on: