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Our Apps

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The sexy bedroom game app for married couples.

Intimately Us is the fun and sexy app for your marriage! It’s full of sexy bedroom games and intimacy-building activities designed to bust bedroom boredom and bring you two closer together.

Intimately Us is designed for couples that prefer something clean (not vulgar, crass, or  raunchy),  so you can spice it up without the yuck!

Secure, private, & flirty messaging app for couples

Just Between Us is a fun & flirty chat app for couples, where no one else can see your messages except the one person you’re synced with.

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Just 10 weeks to overcome pornography

This app is the only research supported approach for reducing unwanted pornography viewing. It has a comprehensive online self-directed mindfulness program that gets results!

The fun marriage counselling alternative

The Anatomy of Marriage app is created by real marriage counsellors. Draw closer together through science, therapy, and a collection of helpful tools!

Our Podcast

The fun & spicy podcast bringing you new tools and fresh ideas for your most intimate relationship so that you can be the sexiest couple you know! Strengthen your marriage and feel closer than ever. It’s Christian-friendly too!

Get Your Marriage On!

The podcast dedicated to improving intimacy in marriage.

The Most Romantic Couple’s Retreat

October 13th – 16th, 2022

Couples Retreat – 3 days, 3 nights

Men’s Course + Coaching

For husbands in otherwise happy marriages but feel stuck when it comes to intimacy.

Live Zoom coaching + in-depth video instruction.

Learn how to improve intimacy in your marriage.

83: Q & A About Sex & Intimacy (Part 2)

83: Q & A About Sex & Intimacy (Part 2)

For this week’s episode, we continue a Q&A session with Jenny Rose about sex and intimacy. Jenny is a family lifestyle influencer. She asked some questions from her audience that I tackle in last week’s and this week’s episode, such as: How do you balance time...

83: Q & A About Sex & Intimacy (Part 2)

82: Q & A About Sex & Intimacy (Part 1)

This episode is unique! Jenny, an influencer known as @princessturnedmom from Instagram reached out to me and asked if she could do a podcast takeover and ask me some questions from her audience. How fun! This Q&A session is part one of two where we...

80: When You Don’t Feel Validated By Your Spouse

80: When You Don’t Feel Validated By Your Spouse

It’s normal to seek validation from our spouse in marriage. By validation I mean to get a sense of our legitimacy as a person and a spouse, such as being told we’re sexy enough, pretty enough, and desirable. And it’s normal to seek that validation. But what do you do...

79: Role Play Sex

Like most kids, I loved taking on new roles when I’d play with my friends and siblings… whether it was cops and robbers, or ninjas, or race car drivers, there’s a creative & playful element to trying on new roles and identities. As an adult in a romantic and...

Libido, Sexual Desire, and Food

Libido, Sexual Desire, and Food

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. It’s kind of like the Montana of Japan. It’s rural and has very long, cold, and snowy winters. I spent two years there as a volunteer missionary sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was one of the very best and also most...