Advanced Orgasm Guide for Her

Tips for Wives to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

It doesn’t seem fair that some women never reach orgasm during physical intimacy, while other women go again and again in the same session. Even if you haven’t been able to experience this yet, you should know that it is possible to reach this point more than once. This guide will show you how!

In the Beginner’s Guide, we said that both spouses should expect each other to have an orgasm every time you have sex. To get to multiple orgasms, you should master singles. Move from expectation to reality, where every time you have sex, you have an orgasm.

Build Anticipation

Once you have mastered having one every time you make love, it is time to increase the number of times you are together in a week. You will condition your body to want to desire that release.

Don’t be surprised if your desire for physical intimacy increases. It is pretty normal that your sexual appetite is going to grow.

After a few weeks of increasing your encounters, take a few days off. Coming together after your period is over is always a good time to try for multiples. What you are trying to do is get your body as aroused as possible before you go into the time with your husband.

You will automatically be ready for release if you haven’t had it in a few days. It is important that you increase the number of times you want it in a week. Then extend the period of time by a day or two.

Most often, a woman can go into a time of intercourse without being in the mood. When you are trying to master multiples, you need to get really ready. You and your husband should invest in more foreplay.

plan a time to try for multiple orgasms, then take a sex break for a few days before!

Avoid Overstimulation

When you are trying to go for more than one, go with a position that doesn’t overstimulate you. You will need to give yourself enough time to calm down before going at it again. Otherwise, it will be overly sensitive and not feel good. Some women find that if they have their first through direct stimulation, they can have consecutive orgasms through intercourse.

After you reach your first orgasm, stop moving for a few seconds at least. Stay engaged with your spouse, but both of you need to quit moving around. This will allow you to calm down a bit and have a place to start from again.

Once you’ve calmed down for a minute, start moving again. You might be very surprised that it still feels good.

Focus & Communication

It is important to keep yourself aroused the whole time. If your mind starts wandering while you are having sex, refocus yourself. Consider getting in front of a mirror so that you can see what is going on. If you can’t see what is happening, visualize it in your mind.

If you want to have more than one orgasm, it is going to take communication with your husband. It takes a lot of intentional actions and movements to reach this point for a woman. Don’t be afraid to tell him to move differently or at a different speed.

New Expectations

Once you figure out how to have more than one, you can start expecting to do that each time. When you go into the encounter expecting to have more than one, you will have a better chance of being successful. It is also important that you communicate your goals with your spouse. This will help them to know what to be prepared for.

To have more than one orgasm, it takes physical stamina. You might notice your abdominal muscles feeling strained after two or three times. You might want to spend time doing sit-ups and focusing on your core muscles. The stronger your core, the easier it will be to enjoy yourself during sex.

Oral Sex Tips

Oral sex is a great way for a wife to orgasm. This gives her the direct, yet soft stimulation she needs to reach climax. Even if you don’t go all the way with oral, it can be a good warm-up move before engaging in sex. Although there’s already an in-depth cunnilingus guide on this website, here are a few points:

On Knees While Leaning Back. If you want to get a bit more active with your oral pleasure, this is a great position. You will get on your knees then lean back using your hands to prop yourself up. 

Have your lover get into a comfortable position so that he can reach you. Don’t be afraid to arch your back. It will actually make the sensations feel even better. 

Kneeling Over His Face. Straddle your husband’s face with your knees right above his shoulders. You will need to spread your legs enough to be close enough to his mouth for him to please you. He can also use his fingers inside of you in this position. 

You can either keep yourself positioned on all fours, or you can sit up while he pleases you. Sitting up will put more strain on your legs than being on all fours. Switch it up so that you can get the break your legs need. 

Legs Over His Shoulders. Lay on your back and bring your knees up toward your chest. Have your man lay on his stomach with his face between your legs. Once he gets into position, you can put your legs over his shoulders. 

During this move, you might want to bring your legs back up to your chest for a more stimulating position. Move your legs up or out to change to figure out what you like. 

Sit On A Counter or Table. Sit on a counter or table that is high enough for your husband to reach you. He might need to get on his knees if the table is shorter. You can also sit on a pillow if you are not quite high enough for him to reach you. 

He will need to bend over or sit in a chair to get to you comfortably. You will need to spread your legs and lean back. Either you can prop yourself up with your hands, or lean against a wall if you are on a counter.

Tips for Guys

Husbands play an important role in their wives’ pleasure. But it’s not a duty, it’s a joy! There is nothing greater than bringing your wife to orgasm, except bringing her to multiple.

You Can Do This! Ok, y’all can do this. It’ll take effort on both your parts. The first thing to do is realize that multiples are not a myth. With your help and some work on her part, your wife can achieve multiples.

Master Singles. Make a commitment that each time you’re intimate, you will bring your wife to climax. If having one every time (or at least most of the time) is not happening, having multiples is completely unrealistic. 

Master Your Mind. The main thing men have to do to help our wives (whether reaching one or multiple) is to increase our stamina. Women tend to take longer, so we have to keep going for them to be able to finish. I have a few tips, but the first is simply mental.

While it’s important for women to keep their head in the game, sometimes it can help guys to do just the opposite. Difficult as it may be, try thinking about something else instead of focusing on how great everything feels. In fact, try to focus on her pleasure more than your own. Read her physical cues, gauge her response, find her rhythm.

Need more help? Check out our work shop How to Have an Orgasm (& Better Orgasms)!


Remember, at the end of the day all sexual encounters should be about connection. Aiming for multiple orgasms is a great goal, and a wonderful gift to give to a wife. However, remember orgasm is not the end, but a means to becoming closer to your spouse.

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