In 2015, the especially-for-cheating website Ashley Madison was hacked, resulting in a flood of revealing information. The account data was analysed, giving some insight into who had signed up and why.
The average woman who signed up was in her thirties and had young children at home.
Of the women that signed up, the day after Mother’s Day had the most significant increase in account sign ups. Sad!!!!

What do you think it would take for your wife to look outside of your marriage for companionship? Does she feel lonely or unappreciated?

I think having an affair in any form is wrong. But I can understand why women would feel tempted: Perhaps these women didn’t feel valued by their husbands on a day she felt most vulnerable and needed that love! Mother’s Day, a day set aside for us to appreciate the mothers our wives have become, was enough of a let down for some to consider an affair.
Even if the intention was “just to see” or it wasn’t supposed to go very far, the feelings that moved these women to create an Ashley Madison account were real.

Paul told the Ephesians, “Husbands, love your wives”.

… I would add, “and have fun doing it.”

Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity to get creative in expressing your love to the woman of your life, whether you have children or not. What does she like? What would a perfect day look like for her? Is there something you could do together that would make her happy?

If you need some ideas, I would begin by figuring out what her Love Language is (there’s a tool for that in the Get Your Marriage On! app), and then working backwards from there. For instance, if she’s an Acts Of Service person, why not volunteer for kitchen duty–cooking and washing up! If she’s a Words of Affirmation kind of gal, spend some time talking to her and telling her just how much she means to you. Think of specific examples and give sincere compliments.

Most importantly, don’t neglect her. Be there for her. Show that you care. Not just on Mother’s day, but every day as well. A woman who is appreciated and knows she is loved is a woman who isn’t likely to seek attention or fulfillment in an affair. She will feel your affection because you have expressed it to her in the way she best understands.

Don’t make this Mother’s Day be a day where your wife wishes she was with someone else. Love her with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.