139: Building Intimacy While Building a Business with Monica Tanner

by | Jun 16, 2023 | General Posts, Podcast

In my program, Next Level, I’ve come across several couples that are struggling in their marriage because one or both are  entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of stress that happens in the marriage relationship, especially in the sexual relationship for entrepreneurs. And I want to do a podcast episode dedicated to all listeners where one, or both of you are in the middle of building a business.  

As Americans we love a good underdog story and often romanticize the entrepreneurial journey –  especially those that make sacrifices, take risks, overcome obstacle after obstacle, and eventually come out on top. As a career entrepreneur myself, I’ve come to realize that the entrepreneurial journey isn’t as glamorous as it seems to be.

Another thing people don’t talk about is that entrepreneurship is often very hard on marriages, in fact, as you’ll hear in this episode, divorce is more common among couples where one or both spouses are entrepreneurs.

My guest today is Monica Tanner. She’s a marriage and intimacy expert and runs several programs for couples to strengthen their marriages. She’s also an entrepreneur, married to a successful entrepreneur. 

In this episode we’ll talk about the following:

  • The two intimacy killers that entrepreneur couples often fall prey to. 
  • The one superpower that entrepreneurs have that is often overlooked to build a strong marriage
  • The one simple yet powerful thing you can do to keep your intimacy and sexual relationship alive, even when things are stressful and chaotic
<h3>Dan Purcell</h3>

Dan Purcell

Dan and his wife Emily Purcell are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Their marriage went through a bit of a renaissance a few years ago and wanted to share what they learned with other couples. They created a fun & sexy bedroom game app called Intimately Us that has been downloaded over 300,000. They put on events and retreats for couples.Dan is the host of the Get Your Marriage On! podcast. Dan is a Life Coach that coaches other couples and individuals on how to have a great marriage, deeper intimacy, and fulfilling sex life.Dan and Emily have been married for over 18 years and have 6 kids. Dan loves cracking dad jokes, running marathons, planning the next creative date night with his sweetheart, and enjoys the magnificent outdoors around their St George home.

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