61: How We Gained Confidence In The Bedroom: Faith and Brennan’s Sextimony

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Podcast

I’ve personally gained a lot from courageous couples opening up to me, in appropriate ways, how they’ve found deeper connection and joy in their sex lives. I want to share stories from real ordinary couples about how they’ve transformed their marriages into something extraordinary. Their stories are real, raw, vulnerable, and inspiring. These four couples talk about mindset shifts that lead them to better sex. We’ll call this a “Sextimony” series!

This is our second installment in our four-part Sextimony series. Our guests today are Faith and Brennan West. They’re such a great couple, as you’ll soon find out 🙂 I’m grateful they’ve been willing to share their story of overcoming the baby blues, gaining confidence in the bedroom, how the Intimately Us app helped them find excitement and connection in the bedroom, and how they’re better connected to each other.

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