69 Sexy Interview Questions For Your Next Date Night

Ready for some fun spice?

For this date night, get dressed up for an interview. Sit across from each other, and the interview starts asking questions! For added fun, get a notebook and write down your favorite answers.

These questions are written from the perspective of the husband asking the questions, but can be adapted to where the wife asks the questions.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. What’s your favorite form of foreplay?
  2. Would you rather…. Have sex in the morning or evening sex?
  3. Do you prefer using clinical terms for our body parts? Or would you rather use different words for us to use in the bedroom?
  4. How important is afterglow (what we do after sex) to you? Do you like to cuddle afterwards?
  5. What’s your second favorite sex position?
  6. How many days in between sex would be too long?
  7. Pantomime how would you describe the best sex you’ve ever had.
  8. What are your favorite memories from our honeymoon?
  9. If you were tasked to come up with the name of the latest high tech sex toy, what would you call it?
  10. What are your thoughts about quickies?
  11. What bedroom activity do you want to try that we haven’t tried yet?
  12. What code words do we have or could create in our relationship to describe sex or sexy things to each other in public?
  13. What do I do that makes it difficult for you to want to be intimate or have sex with me?
  14. What do I do that turns you on the most?
  15. What do you think are my three most favorite parts of lovemaking?
  16. What gets you in the mood for sex?
  17. What holds you back from initiating sex more often?
  18. What is one of your recent sexual fantasies with me?
  19. Do your best impression of me having an orgasm.
  20. What’s your most memorable kiss with me?
  21. What is your favorite sex position that gives you the most pleasure?
  22. What makes sex more than just a physical encounter for you?
  23. What sexual desires of yours have I not been able to satisfy?
  24. If we couldn’t have sex in our bed for a month, at what other locations would you like to have sex?
  25. What went through your mind the first time you saw me naked?
  26. Would you rather…. Seduce me or be seduced by me?
  27. Would you rather…. Have the lights on or off?
  28. Would you rather…. Catch another couple making out, or get caught making out?
  29. Would you rather…. Go skinny dipping with your lover or frisky touching under a jacket across your laps in a movie theater?
  30. Would you rather…. Join the Mile High club or make love on a private sailboat?
  31. Would you rather…. Give a lap dance or receive a lap dance from your spouse?
  32. Would you rather…. Make love on the beach or in the woods?
  33. Would you rather…. In the back of the car or your front living room?
  34. Would you rather…. Be blindfolded or your hands tied while your spouse makes love to you?
  35. Would you rather…. Give oral sex to your spouse or receive oral sex from your spouse?
  36. Would you rather…. Have average sex every day for a month, or have sex only once in the month but that once is really, really good sex?
  37. Would you rather…. Be on top or on the bottom?
  38. Would you rather…. In the bed of a truck or a bed of rose petals?
  39. Would you rather…. Be the dominant one or submissive one?
  40. Would you rather be teased and tickled with a feather or with an ice cube during foreplay?
  41. Would you rather…. Get really aroused, hot, and bothered but never quite be able to orgasm, or orgasm easily but without much buildup?
  42. Would you rather send a sexy text or a sexy nude? (use the Just Between Us app for privacy, by the way!)
  43. Would you rather go commando (no underwear beneath your clothes) on a date or only wear a swimsuit on your date?
  44. Would you rather have passionate sex in a house of mirrors or on a floating gondola?
  45. Would you rather I surprise you with a sexy gift or you surprise me with a sexy gift?
  46. Would you rather get soaked dancing in the rain with me or get sweaty dancing with me in the sun?
  47. Would you rather…. Let me watch you touch yourself or watch me touch myself?
  48. Would you rather…. Be really loud or super quiet during sex?
  49. Would you rather…. A month of only quickies or a month where each encounter was 2 hours long?
  50. Would you rather…. Sex in the shower or in the bath tub?
  51. Would you rather get captured by a sexy pirate or rescued by a passionate knight / princess?
  52. Would you rather…. Make love in a blanket fort or in a tree house?
  53. Yea or nay? Blindfolds?
  54. Yea or nay? Hands tied up?
  55. Yea or nay? Be spanked?
  56. Yea or nay? Anal play?
  57. Yea or nay? Video record us during sex?
  58. What’s the wildest place we’ve had sex?
  59. What’s your best impression of the way I initiate sex?
  60. What’s a forbidden sex act that sounds great in fantasy but one you wouldn’t want to do in real life?
  61. Do you ever have multiple orgasms?
  62. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever sexted me?
  63. What’s your favorite lube?
  64. Do you like to wear lingerie?
  65. What movie, song, or book that you’ve watched, listened to, or read that got you really turned on?
  66. Do you like sensual massages?
  67. Do you think it would be fun to have Zoom / FaceTime sex if we’re apart sometime?
  68. Pantomime (act out without words) a play-by-play of how our first sexual encounter unfolded.
  69. Do you like the 69 position?
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Dan Purcell

Dan and his wife Emily Purcell are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! They are on a mission to strengthen marriages by making lovemaking incredibly fun and deeply connecting. Dan is a sex coach. They are also the creators of the popular Intimately Us and Just Between Us apps that have been downloaded over 750,000 times. They are the host of the popular Get Your Marriage On! podcast with over 1 million listens. In addition to their coaching program, they host romantic retreat getaways for couples, and put on workshops on how to have a great sex life and deeper intimacy.Dan and Emily met in middle school and have been married for over 20 years and have 6 kids. Dan loves cracking dad jokes, running marathons, planning the next creative date night with his sweetheart, and enjoys the magnificent outdoors around their St George home.

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