5 Spicy Bedroom Games

Bedroom games! 

Early in our marriage, my husband and I lived with my parents for a few months while we saved some money. We lived there with my parents and three youngest siblings. My little siblings LOVE to play games. We played bored games, card games, imaginary games, app games, and every single kind of game. Sometimes, Cam and I would need to retreat behind our bedroom door for any alone time. One of these times, my little sister came banging on our door screaming, “Cameron, you promised to play games with me!” I responded, “Sorry girly, he promised to play games with me first”. 

Some people like games more than others (and my little siblings might love them the most ;). In a similar vein, some people might feel awkward or silly trying to introduce games in the bedroom. But that’s the beauty of making a game of it! Playing a game as foreplay can be a great way to embrace the awkward and silly and just be yourselves. It can also help you two get creative and inspire you to try new things. And adding a competitive edge might help you step outside your shell. If you are still on the fence about trying out bedroom games, read our post on why to try bedroom games, which also includes some ideas of games to try out.

Playing games together is a great way to bond. And playing games in the bedroom can add creativity, imagination, and spice to your sexual relationship. Here at Get Your Marriage On!, we specialize in ways to keep things fun and flirty in the bedroom. We have a whole app for that. Here are 5 spicy games you can play in the bedroom. 

Spicy Bedroom Games Ideas

Naked Video Night

You can start with spicing up a regular video night. Pick out your favorite movie or TV show and snuggle up on the couch together, sans clothes. This activity can help you feel comfortable being naked together and can take the pressure off. You can touch each other and appreciate your spouse’s fantastic body while spending quality time together. 

Want to add more of a game element? Make it a strip game! Each of you chose one thing that you think happens a lot in the show you are watching. When your chosen action happens, your spouse has to take off an item first.

For example, my husband and I love watching Gilmore Girls together. If we were playing Strip Video Night, I might choose every time Lorelai drinks coffee, and my husband might choose every time Rory has a book. As we watch, I would have to take off an item of clothing any time Rory has a book and my husband would have to take off a clothing item anytime Lorelai drinks coffee. The first one naked is the loser, and the winner gets to appreciate their prize ;).

 No matter how you play, enjoy every stage of undress while you snuggle up together. 

Truth or Dare

This is a classic sleepover game! With your spouse, you can go ahead and play the classic version but try making it spicy! However, if you are a little nervous about throwing around dares, you can give them the options ahead of time. Here are some examples!


  • What was your favorite way we had sex?
  • What about me do you find sexiest right now?
  • What part of my body do you want to touch right now?


  • I dare you to rub my shoulders
  • I dare you to kiss my neck
  • I dare you to stand still while I explore you

Hot or Cold

Pick a part of your body you want your spouse to touch. Mix it up and pick different parts every time you play. Have them start by putting their hands on one part of your body. Then, play hot and cold as your spouse slowly moves around your body trying to find that one special spot. (i.e. when they move toward your spot say “hotter”, and when they move farther away say “you’re getting colder”).  In this game, you both win the longer it takes them to find your spot. 

ISpy, then YouTouch

This is a new version of the ISpy game. Start with the classic prompt, “I spy with my little eye something that…” and give a hint as to what body part you want them to touch. As your spouse guesses, have them touch each of their guesses. Once you get good at guessing, you can up the difficulty by giving hints as to how you want to be touched and/or what pieces of clothing you want them to take off. Here is an example…

“I spy with my little eye something that has curves”

“Is it your hips?”

“No… I spy something that is soft”

“Is it your butt?”

“No… I spy something that likes to be squeezed”

“Is it your breasts?”


Keep playing until you are undressed and ready to make love.

Sexy Twister

Lastly, I want to introduce just one of our spicy bedroom games on the Intimately Us app. Sexy Twister is our twist on the classic game. Use the app to spin and use your bodies as the mat. Once you spin, the app will randomly pick one body part on your spouse’s body and a part of you to touch them with. Then, spin again for your spouse’s turn. In this game, you keep playing until you want to play an even more fun game. 

If you want more bedroom games, there are a ton of fun games on the Intimately Us app! And not only that, there are learn articles, discover prompts, roleplay scenarios, and even daily intimacy challenges to help remind you to show love to your spouse every day. The app even comes in a free version so you can try all this out right now! 

Get Started Today!

Bedroom games can help you bring your personality to the bedroom, get over the awkwardness, and mix things up in your sex life. I challenge you to pick an option to try tonight, and download the Intimately Us app for even more fun games!

Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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