Why Play Bedroom Games?

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We have a family legend about when my mom and dad were dating. He invited her over to have a game night with him and his friends. He jokingly said, “yea, we are going to play strip poker”. At the game night, they did in fact play poker. When my mom lost her first hand, she said “welp, guess it’s time to strip” and took off her shirt… Fortunately, she was wearing a bathing suit underneath so she could play this prank. My dad says that is still one of the biggest shocks he has had. 

Most game nights are not quite that exciting. In fact, there may be nothing as wholesome as a family game night; all the kids and parents gathered together to yell, compete, and ultimately laugh and have a great time as a family.  But what is a bedroom game? 

What are Bedroom Games?

Bedroom games are games you play with your spouse in the bedroom! They are usually built as a precursor to sex and as a structured form of foreplay. 

Some couples are hesitant to try bedroom games. We may associate games with wholesome family bonding, a time to be silly and build friendships. In contrast, we think of things we do in the bedroom as sensual, naughty, and sultry. But that is not always the case! In this post, we will illustrate how bedroom games can actually help us deepen intimacy and emotional connection in sex. 

Bedroom games can be any sort of “game” you use as foreplay. They can include imagination, rules, competition, and even aspects of cherished classic board games. Some couples like to make is a competition. Others prefer to just be silly. Some like to include roleplaying, while others want a structure so they don’t have to stress about what to do next. Here are a few reasons to try out a bedroom game!

Why Play Games in the Bedroom?

Games can…

  1. Bring your personality into the bedroom! There are so many different ways to play games in the bedroom. These games can help you personalize your sexual experiences by bringing out your personality. Games can help you let go and feel silly, or maybe bring out your competitive nature. You can use your imagination and open up new topics of conversation. 
  2. Lessen the anxiety by providing a structure. A game will have a set of rules, and often an objective. Bedroom games can structure the experience so you don’t have to worry about what comes next. Both men and women can feel a lot of anxiety about “doing sex right”. They aren’t confident in how fast or slow to go, how much foreplay is enough, and what they should do next! Games can provide that structure, and slow things down.
  3. Take out the awkward. Similar to the above point, spouses can feel awkward in the bedroom. There is a lot of pressure to make sex seem like the movies; but we are not characters. We may feel awkward just jumping into things. Games give us a starting place. They can help us not be so self-conscious and jump into a fun experience with our best friend. I know for me, as soon as we make it a competition my awkwardness goes away (because I’m a winner 🙂 
  4. add creativity. Blessedly, many of us get to spend the majority of our lives married to our spouse. That is a long time! We may feel sometimes we are running out of ideas or get stuck in a sexual rut. Games can help spice things up, add new ideas, and can lead to combinations of our favorite things! Bedroom games can help us mix things up and keep our lovemaking from feeling stale. Here’s more on finding novelty.


Curious? Here are some examples of games that you can play in the bedroom!

Strip Poker

Once you are married, you are welcome to try your hand at strip poker ;). The rules are simple. Instead of money, you bet items of clothing. When you lose, take off that item of clothing and give it to your spouse. 


This game is like the classic game of battleship, but with clothing items associated with the ships! Once a piece of clothing is sunk you have to take off that item! Stripping your clothes off slowly can be a great way to stock the fire and leave room for your imagination to flourish. However, some couples feel awkward or silly stripping and therefore go really fast. Having a game to play will help calm your nerves and take the pressure off. 

Connect 4-Play

Having a hard time coming up with what to do during foreplay? This spicy version of Connect 4 gives you creative new combinations of things to do in the foreplay phase. The game ends when you are too turned on to keep going ;). 

Intimately Us

Want an app to help you facilitate playing BattleStrip and Connect 4-Play? Want more ideas for bedroom games? We built the Intimately Us app to help couples have more fun in the bedroom. We have tons of games for you and your spouse to enjoy and to help bring more creativity and novelty into the bedroom. All of our games have free versions, so download the app today and see how fun bedroom games can be! 

Another fun game from Get Your Marriage On! is Sheets and Ladders. More than just an app, Sheets and Ladders comes with a washable, silky sheet that doubles at the boardgame. Use the included washable markers to write your favorite foreplay activities and play the game. See if you can get to the end before you have to have each other. 


Playing games in the bedroom may sound like a funny idea at first. However, bedroom games can help you bring your personality to the bedroom, lessen anxiety, help you work through creative blocks, and add novelty. Bedroom games enhance foreplay. The Intimately Us app is a fantastic resource full of fun, spicy, and easy to use bedroom games. So what are you waiting for? Download it today!

Written by Amanda Severson with Get Your Marriage On!

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