5 Spooky Spicy Bedroom Games

It’s Spooky Season!! The leaves are changing, the stores are filling with candy, and a Spirit Halloween store has appeared on every corner. With all the spooky festivities going on, why not bring a little Halloween fun to your bedroom? 

We at Get Your Marriage On! are so pumped for Halloween, we created a new game! Here are 5 ideas of spooky, spicy games you can play with your spouse this October!

# 1 Intimately Us Halloween Adventure Pack: Brew For Two

We got a little excited and made a game for you :). Download the Intimately Us app to play Brew for Two during the month of October!


  • Intimately Us app
  • Optional additions of your choice  (e.g. gum, lingerie, massage oil, twinkle lights, a vibrator etc.)

Set Up

Find some alone time and come ready to have fun! Gather your optional materials (which will be used throughout the course of the game) and open the Intimately Us app

Game Time

Pretend you are a potions student trying to make the perfect love potion for your final exam. You and your sexy classmate (your spouse) will be taking turns choosing an ingredient and then doing the corresponding actions. These actions will build the sexual tension and get progressively “spicier”. Watch as your cauldron gets hotter and hotter the more spicy you get! (Note: for the top spice levels, try upgrading to premium!) 

# 2 Glow in the Dark Date

Who says you have to go to the club for a hot dance party? Set up an in-home rave with no dress code and no strangers.


(You don’t need every item for the date to succeed, just get what you can! Check your local supply store or Amazon for the following)

  • Blacklight bulbs (you can find standard lamp-sized versions)
  • Glowsticks (make into necklaces and bracelets)
  • Black-light sensitive/glow-in-the-dark body paint
  • Glow-in-the-dark nail polish
  • Neon cardstock or poster board
  • Neon lingerie or sexy clothes
  • Bluetooth earbuds

Set Up

Find a good playlist on your phone that has some upbeat techno music and use the various supplies to get ready. Kill all the normal lights and put the black light bulb into a lamp that will flood the room. Turn it on early because they take a while to warm up. Put the body paint wherever you want to call attention. Make sure you apply some paint under your clothes to reveal later. Use the poster board to make signs for the wall with fun things like “PARTY,” “SEXY,” “LOVE,” etc.

Game Time

Cue up the same playlist on both your phones, put in your bluetooth earbuds, and press play at the same time. Now, even if the kids are home, you can have your own private rave! Dance your heart out, grind up against your spouse, and take off your clothes one piece at a time throughout your dance session. 

# 3 Costumed Role Play

Roleplaying can be a fun, sexy way to explore and play sexually. If you aren’t convinced, listen to our podcast about Role Play! Here, we’ll walk through some fun role plays for common Halloween costumes. But don’t feel stuck to these examples; be creative with whatever costumes you have!


  • Costume pieces
  • Lingerie

Set Up

It can be helpful with roleplays to set up the story in advance. Maybe send your spouse a text with a prompt letting them know what character they will be playing. Set the stage by cleaning up your room, having lube on hand, and of course getting dressed to impress.

Game Time

Start your role play! Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  • Vampire: You are an immortal, sexy vampire looking for your next victim. You spot the most attractive mortal you have seen in milenia. Try to seduce them into your bed and slowly work your way to their erogenous zones to get their blood pumping. When the time is right, get your mouth involved and suck. 
  • Werewolf: Your spouse is going to be howling at the moon tonight! Let them know that when the moon rises tonight, you’ll turn into an animal. Start with some foreplay and let your spouse know how badly you are craving them. Then, turn into an animal, throw them on the bed, and make love to them!
  • Witch: Cast a magic spell to bring the “fairest in the land” to your lair. Slowly convince them to come to your room, take off their clothes, and give you what you most desire…

# 4 Trick or Treat

Why leave all the Trick or Treating to the kids? This game will let you have the sweetest treats and spiciest tricks yet!

Materials & Set Up

Come up with a list of things you know your spouse likes. Think up “treats” that are soft, sweet things you like to give to him/her (like a back rub, foot massage, or brushing their hair). Then think up “tricks” that are spicy and naughty things you can do (like caressing their genitals, giving spankings, or sucking their nipples).

Game Time

Set the mood in your bedroom. Then ask, “Trick or Treat?” Slowly work through your prepared actions, letting them choose if the next action is a Trick or Treat as you go. This game works well because it allows your spouse to determine the timing, but you still get to surprise them with their favorite things!

# 5 Candy Taste Test

This is a fun foreplay activity to get you in touch with your senses (and test your candy knowledge).


  • Some of your favorite candies! This works best with smaller things, like Skittles, gummies, taffies, M&M’s etc. 
  • Blindfold

Set Up

Gather your favorite candies and tell your spouse they are about to be “put to the test”. Blindfold your spouse.

Game Time

Have your spouse sit on the bed with their blindfold on. Put your first candy in your mouth. Tell them they need to guess what candy you have in your mouth. Hint, exploring with your mouth is highly recommended. Tell them if they guess a certain number correctly, they will get the real treat after…


Halloween can be such a fun, creative time! Bring that energy into the bedroom with these spooky, spicy games and Get Your Marriage On!

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