92: Painful Sex No More

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Podcast

Experiencing pain with sex is, unfortunately, all too common for many women. According to one peer-reviewed study I read out of Australia, 20% of women regularly experience pain with sex. Other research suggests that just about every woman at one point in their life will experience pain with sex.

But sex shouldn’t be painful. There are tons of resources and therapies out there to make sex better for everyone. 

Today I have as my guest Dr. Rose Schlaff. She’s a pelvic floor physical therapist and sex nerd that specializes in helping women enjoy sex and heal from painful sex. In this episode, we do a deep dive into what causes pain with sex, the different types of pain, and what you can do to heal from it to make sex great for you and your spouse.

For more information about Dr. Schlaff visit the following:

Website: https://www.bewellwithrose.com/

Instagram: @bewellwithrose

Free Guide Mentioned in Episode: www.bewellwithrose.com/guide

<h3>Dan Purcell</h3>

Dan Purcell

Dan and his wife Emily Purcell are the founders of Get Your Marriage On! Their marriage went through a bit of a renaissance a few years ago and wanted to share what they learned with other couples. They created a fun & sexy bedroom game app called Intimately Us that has been downloaded over 300,000. They put on events and retreats for couples.Dan is the host of the Get Your Marriage On! podcast. Dan is a Life Coach that coaches other couples and individuals on how to have a great marriage, deeper intimacy, and fulfilling sex life.Dan and Emily have been married for over 18 years and have 6 kids. Dan loves cracking dad jokes, running marathons, planning the next creative date night with his sweetheart, and enjoys the magnificent outdoors around their St George home.

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